Project Run & Play Week 3: Country Boho

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I feel like "boho" falls into that "difficult" word category where I find myself in the predicament of knowing exactly what I mean without being able to describe at all what I mean to my husband. "What's boho?" he asks. "Um," my mind goes blank. "Like free and flowy?" "What?" "You know. Like sort of modern hippy-ish?" And that's when he knows to just nod his head and say, "I'm sure I'll understand when I see it." Because he just gets me like that. :) But you all know what I mean, right? Sort of wild and free, coachella-esque? Here I go with my excellent descriptive skills again.) Regardless of my inability to explain it, I went with what was in my head on this one. I grew up down a dirt lane out in the country in a little orange brick house built in the early 1900's. Right next to it is an original pioneer log cabin. I love that old country home--it was my main inspiration as I sewed for this round. I actually used said log cabin as the backdrop for my photos. It's also where Jonathon and I took my senior pictures and our engagement photos. I love it that much.


For Lila's dress, I designed a maxi-dress in a bold floral print with a loose and flowy ruffled skirt. I added ruffled bell sleeves for a fun touch. I also added a front keyhole detail to the neck of the dress that I'm kind loving so much. This fabric had just enough stretch to keep the neckline intact without adding any enclosures. Always a win in my book. And of course I had to add a flower crown because that's boho. Right? Right??? ;)

For Ezra's look I opted for a cozy fleece/wool sweater with a side placket detailing on one side. I've been saving these little wooden buttons for a few years and I loved the challenge of figuring out how to add them in a fun way. Ezra's pants are simple jogger style pants with a tie in the front. And of course pockets. They're perfect and just loose and stretchy enough for him to hop fences on.

I opted to have the kids go shoeless for a more earthy vibe. I just wish you could have heard them. You cant, so I'll just tell you how it sounded. Something like, "Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!" over and over again. Oh the joys of childhood. Still this ended up being a pretty fun shoot. Mostly because these two really know how to crack each other up. I rarely had a picture without one of them laughing. Little goonies. :)

I leave you with this. Bohemian Gothic guys. I'm like a modern day Grant Wood over here. I was seriously dying over these. The stick was all their idea. :)

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Lila's Look: I traced an existing shirt to create the pattern for Lila's dress. I made the sleeves half sleeves with a ruffle at the end to create a bell sleeve. I added a keyhole to the front while keeping the neckline in tact. I also added a ruffled/flowy skirt to create a maxi dress. All hemmed with a double needle.
Fabric: From Joanns but I can't for the life of me find it online!!! Similar

Ezra's Look: Used an existing raglan sweater to make a pattern. Added a placket down one side. Added cuffs to the arms and bottom. Changed the neckline to allow placket to open. For the pants, I upcycled an adult pair of pants. I started with the Skinny Jean pattern by Peekaboo Patterns and extended the length and width so their would be more room to move in the pants. I omitted the fly stitching and back pockets. I also omitted the original waistband and created a waistband with elastic, a shoelace, and eyelets. I also added a band around the bottom and omitted the original hem.
Sweater fabric
Wood buttons: old originally from Joanns (similar here)
Pants fabric: Upcycled adult pants


Project Run & Play Week 2: Greenhouse Girls

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I loved how this weeks "greenery" theme challenged me to think outside the box. I mean, green is great and all but the last thing I wanted to do was make a bunch of little outfits only fit for leprechauns to wear. :) My main focus was to showcase how truly beautiful green can be. Especially Pantone's 2017 color of the year "greenery." It really can enhance other colors and make things pop. My Dad works as a florist and a horticulture professor. He teaches floral design at a local university and one of my favorite things to do as a child was to go to his classroom after he was finished teaching a class. I loved to gather the leftover greenery and unused flower scraps from the floor and make my own "kid" arrangements. Dad taught me how to see beauty in old rose stems, ferns, and leaves--basically, what would have been garbage. He showed me that the "greenery" was just as important as the flowers and that it could really enrich and compliment an arrangement. 
My object as I sewed was to use the green like I would in a floral arrangement. Adding little pops of it here and there on each dress. Look for green buttons, ric rac, scallops, a green sash and even green leaves on some of the fabric. As far as the style of each dress, I tried to make everything simple, light and understated, with fun little twists and details. 
Nothing looks prettier to me than a classic white dress with a little pop of green in the sash. Actually come to think of it, green and white were my wedding colors. No wonder I liked this look! :) I loved the look of this striped white sateen, but it presented me with a bit of a challenge. You could see all the seams as I lined the dress. So to make everything look as clean on the inside as it was on the outside, I used french seams. More time consuming and took a little more thought, but I loved the results. No serger thread showing through! Getting the stripes to match up with this invisible zipper took about 10 tries, but I love the feeling of zipping up a zipper and having the stripes match. So satisfying for sewing nerds. :) I lined the 3/4 sleeves and added a little bit of a puff to them. I sewed a blind hem at the bottom of the gathered skirt. I also made the skirt extra wide and a little longer to add some extra flounce. This fabric is stiff enough that it holds the puff perfectly. I added the green sash, by folding some bias tape in half because I wanted to match the "Greenery" color. I love how it pops against the white. 
For Penny's dress I used a basic peasant style dress but added a few twists. First I sewed yellow piping where the sleeves attach to the bodice for a fun pop. Then I added a gathered skirt to the waist and made a casing and threaded some elastic through. For a challenge, I attached a second skirt underneath the first. I love how flouncy it is! And I finished off the top skirt with a little pop of green ric rac. 
Clementines Dress has a rounded front and back bodice with buttons in the back. I added a pleated skirt with the lemon/leaf fabric. Underneath, I added a small gathered scallop lining to peak out underneath the pleats. Scallops take a lot of patience for me, but they're always worth the time and I love the green detail. 
This whole look is just asking for a fresh springtime picnic. We took these pictures in a beautiful jungle themed greenhouse full of ladybugs. 
It was the perfect place to suck on a few lemons and limes. Or drink out of cups for civilized little ladies. :)
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Madelyn's Dress: Used The Caroline Party Dress by MHC bodice as a base. Lengthened bodice, cut off cap sleeves, added self drafted 3/4 length sleeves, widened, lengthened and lined the skirt, used french seams and used a blind hem at the bottom.
Sateen Stripe White
Green Sash

Penelope's Dress: Started with the Polly Peasant Dress by Sew Much Ado. Widened and shortened bodice, added piping, added gathered skirt and elastic casing to attach skirt. Hemmed with ric rac and lined the skirt to lengthen the dress.
Blue Lemon Fabric
Ric Rac
Yellow Triangle Petticoat

Clementines Dress: Started with the Geranium Dress by Made by Rae. Shortened and rounded the bodice on the front and the back. Decreased the amount of buttons. Added lined capped sleeves. Pleated skirt. Added a scalloped lining underneath pleated skirt.
Black Lemon Fabric
Green scallop fabric

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