Early Easter

Madelyn // Sophia // Lila // Ezra // 

Holy moly, it's been a while. But I dunno, do people even read blogs anymore? Specifically THIS sad excuse for a blog? :) (Besides my mom and husband that is?) Oh well, it's still a nice place for a picture dump and my word vomit. I'm still sewing away. Jonathon and I are still doing projects, but we're also parents to 6 littles and life is busy, so blogging isn't a huge priority right now and that's just fine. A lot of what we do it doesn't make it on here. But I did bust the camera out for some Easter pics. The only reason this really happened early is because our church has a big worldwide conference that we get to watch at home on Easter Sunday. So for most Mormons, last Sunday was the week to dress up for Easter. (On Easter Sunday, I'll most likely be wearing my favorite comf-dorable sweat pants. #lezbereal.)

I included any info that I had on products still available above. Ezra and Penny's clothes are the only things that I didn't make. Sophia and Clemmy are wearing dresses recycled from Project Run & Play and I just traced some existing t-shirts to make a pattern for the knit dresses I made for Lila and Madelyn. I'm all about easy and comfort for my kids these days, because I know they'll actually wear them. So using existing dresses and making a few more comfy ones, worked out perfectly. Have a great Easter week! 


comin' attcha 2018

Leather Peggy Sue Also Leather // Pattern Lil Papoose Moccs (Penny on the left, Clemmy on the right)
Let me tell you, nothing says Happy New Year, like a nice big bout of influenza. Remember all those resolutions? Plans to eat healthy and exercise? Projects to tackle? Clothing to go through? Things to sew? Closets to clean out? Fo'get about it suckas. Just trust me, I speak from personal experience that the flu just sucked that new year auld lang syn and all that right outta me. But here we are, coming out of it. With hair half done and no pants and shoes that I managed to finally make, we are ready to take on 2018....just a few weeks late.


a very snowy Christmas

Lila's Dress Fabric // Madelyns Dress Bodice fabric (similar) // Skirt Fabric // Dyed with RIT in Tan



Just popping in with a slew of snowy pictures to say "holla" and a happy new year. Right now I currently have 6 little rugrats scootin' around home from school and finally over colds, so I don't have much time before they start a mutiny against me and find the hidden candy canes. I made a couple of dresses for two little girlies for church on Christmas Eve. All the other kids have clothes to wear. (Whew!) These were just traced from other dresses that fit. And that's all. I think I can hear candy cane wrappers crinkling so I'm off. Merry Christmas! 
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