comin' attcha 2018

Leather Peggy Sue Also Leather // Pattern Lil Papoose Moccs (Penny on the left, Clemmy on the right)
Let me tell you, nothing says Happy New Year, like a nice big bout of influenza. Remember all those resolutions? Plans to eat healthy and exercise? Projects to tackle? Clothing to go through? Things to sew? Closets to clean out? Fo'get about it suckas. Just trust me, I speak from personal experience that the flu just sucked that new year auld lang syn and all that right outta me. But here we are, coming out of it. With hair half done and no pants and shoes that I managed to finally make, we are ready to take on 2018....just a few weeks late.


a very snowy Christmas

Lila's Dress Fabric // Madelyns Dress Bodice fabric (similar) // Skirt Fabric // Dyed with RIT in Tan



Just popping in with a slew of snowy pictures to say "holla" and a happy new year. Right now I currently have 6 little rugrats scootin' around home from school and finally over colds, so I don't have much time before they start a mutiny against me and find the hidden candy canes. I made a couple of dresses for two little girlies for church on Christmas Eve. All the other kids have clothes to wear. (Whew!) These were just traced from other dresses that fit. And that's all. I think I can hear candy cane wrappers crinkling so I'm off. Merry Christmas! 


Potty training is going really well, thanks for asking.

Flora Dress Pattern* get 10% off using CODE FTD10 // Fabric // Socks

Hi. My name is Bethany, and I'm a recovering potty training parent.

Hiiiiiii Bethany.

It's come to this. I'm joining a support group for parents recovering from the trauma of having to clean so many poopy underpants you don't think your nose will ever recover. I'm ready to dip my hands in bleach, folks. That combined with the endless tinkle-fest happening on our floors. I'm done.

Take the other day for instance. Just me, ready to take some quick pics of Sophia in her new Flora Dress. I can't even tell you how many times I sat her on the potty before we left. And she was giving me nothing.  Nothing, I tell you. We're talkin' sound of silence, Simon + Garfunkel style. So naturally, as soon as I get her out of the car, positioned accordingly, ready to click, this child has the nerve to announce, "I need to go pottyyyyyyy." Of course. And I know in my heart, I need to find a place for her to squat, but for crying out loud, surely we can get through these pictures? But no. Noooooo. Out comes Niagra Falls and Sophia laughs because my "Oh no!!!" is really hilarious, apparently. But you know what? I just went for it with pictures. So there I was, clicking away, while my daughter was whizzing to her hearts content. (Or more likely, her bladders'.) And the whole time I'm thinking, "I can't believe I don't care more about this whole situation." But what's another accident in the day in the life of a mom with 6 littles? So we're back on the diaper. I'd like to say I've quit potty training for good, but I just can't seem to give it up. Come Monday, I'll be thinking that we can give it another go. I'm afraid I'll be using for the rest of my life.

But in happier sewing news, this awesome pattern by the talented, Heidi of Elegance and Elephants is on sale here, plus it's 10% off (using CODE: FTD10 ) through Dec 8th! I'm gonna sound like an infomercial here, but I mean it when I say that this is a beautiful, versatile pattern (no enclosures guys. I repeat, no enclosures!) It's already made it's way into my list of favorite patterns. Did I mention no buttons or zippers??? ;) It comes together quickly, which makes for a quick Christmas dress sew or a fast tunic. It's lined, no serger needed, and it has 3 different sleeve lengths. It also has 3 different bodice styles. I went with the basic A bodice and ended up rolling up the sleeves, just for fun. I liked the vibe with the large gingham flannel checks. Plus the fit is great. You may have noticed that it is short. The fact is, I made it for one of the twins, but they were unavailable for hire at the time. (Read: tired and cranky). Sophia is basically the same size as the twins, except for height, so we're going to saw I went with a "vintage" style, but if I'd remembered pants, it would have made a great tunic. :) Obviously, whatever works is the theme of my life. You guys know I don't really get on board with a pattern unless it's simple, so if you're in the market for a lovely sew, I'm a fan. So hop over here and use CODE FTD10 for 10% off and happy sewing! Or potty training, if you happen to be on that fabulous parenting journey, like me.
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