A Christmas Dress

How did this happen?  It's the day before the night before Christmas!  It always comes so fast!  This is probably obvious but I'm not one of those highly organized people who gets all of their Christmas "to-do" done by the first week of December.  I know.  You're shocked, I'm sure.  :)  I still have a house to clean, neighbor gifts to deliver, and a pile of Christmas presents in desperate need of wrapping.  So it's a miracle that this dress was completed in time for the Sunday before Christmas {yesterday}.

Lila and Ezra both had Christmas outfits that still fit from last year, but Madelyn only has spring dresses.  So I had my work cut out for me.  Actually, no I didn't, I had to cut everything myself, but you catch my drift, right?  ;)

My favorite part about the dress is the back.

Because I loved these little pearl buttons. {From Joanne's}

I got this fabric for a steal of a deal at Joanne's, so I think in the end the total cost of the dress was about $5.  Excuse me for being tacky and celebrating the fact that I got a good deal.  I just love it when that happens.

I self drafted the pattern and if I'm going to be totally honest here, I have to admit it's not perfect.  Blast!  The buttons aren't perfectly straight and they look a little skiddy-wampus.

The fabric also ended up being a bit fickle, so hems, and gathers aren't perfect.  But that's ok, because I'm not perfect and for crying out loud, the dress actually fit and overall, I loved how it turned out.  So I'm looking at this as a win.

Plus this little goose loved it.  And I couldn't ask for anything more.  :)

Hope you're having a happy Christmas season!


Guest Posting at Jill Made It

Yikes and a half!  I've been taking an unintentional break over in these parts.  Just trying to enjoy this Christmas season.  :)  But today, Lila and I are "walkin" over to visit Jill Made It to be part of her super fun
Sew a Song of Christmas series.

See ya there!


Mustache Monday: Mustache Christmas Tree {Free Printable}

Here's a little something to make your holiday season even cooler than it already is:

A mustache Christmas Tree!

Print it out, frame it and you've got some great new Christmas decor!

Ok, I'm kidding.  I mean, you can totally print it out and frame it if you want to.  But I really made this up as a joke for Superman to take to work last year.  He printed a few and hung them on the doors of his co-workers who also happen to be fellow stache' lovers.

It's totally ridiculous, but I thought I'd share.  :)  Happy Monday!


Polka Dot Tunic

I almost forgot about this!  It was one of those happy accidents that actually worked out.  As opposed to most of my accidents which turn out to be well, accidents.  {Take the time I made homemade tomato soup and accidentally quadrupled the basil called for in the recipe.  Not a happy accident.}

But this was one of those rare occurrences when I was making this dress for Madelyn and once it was finished realized, much to my dismay, that it would drown her.  But it happened to make the perfect tunic for Lila.  Whew!  Saved it.

This girl.  I wish you could know her funniness, her serious, her uniqueness.

It's impossible to convey.  I'm sure all mothers feel this way, but I just like her.

Taylor Swifts 22 is her favorite song.  She belts it out and makes up the words she doesn't know.  And she holds both hands in twenty-two position.

Probably only really cute to me and Superman, but still--worth sharing in my book. :)

So that's that.  Happy Friday!  Sorry I've been m.i.a.  Our power was out twice this week for hours.  But I'm working on some fun stuff right now so see ya next week!


Peek-a-Boo Holiday Promo 2013

I know.  These skinny jeans again.  Are you really surprised?

The thing is, I really like this pattern.  {See previous versions here, here, here, & here}

I signed up as an affiliate to Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop because I was already making this pattern up the wazoo, I might as well spread the word.

And the word is that Peek-a-boo Patterns is having a really awesome Thanksgiving sale:
Here are the juicy details:

  • Sale starts today Wednesday {11/27} and ends Saturday {11/30} at midnight 
  • Save 25% on any purchase with the code "Jolly25"
  • Save 40% on any purchase of 5 or more patterns with the code "Jolly40
I know, right?  I originally thought that I'd just buy one pattern {for 25% off woot! woot!} but I kind of can't narrow down all the ones that I love. 

These pj's for Christmas, these leggings, this cardigan, this swimsuit {just in case summer comes back}, or this to die for little jacket.  Oh wait....that's five.  I can get 40% off now!  {I'm sure Superman is jumping for joy while he reads this at work....}

The cool thing for me to do would have been to purchase some new Peek-a-boo patterns and have a few sewn up.  But ya know.  Time.  And Thanksgiving food has been on the brain.  {When it comes to food, I'm easily distracted.}  So I went with what I already purchased {and love} and with what Ezra needed.

I sewed him up a 2T size and they fit perfectly.  The only change I made was to line them.  Because winter is upon us and because Ezra struggles with eczema on his legs, so I thought this would help him be more comfy.

Random, but this is my favorite shirt ever of Ezra's. It's the little elbow patches.  They get me every time.  :)

Anyway, click on over & check out the Peek-a-boo sale if you're in need of some fun patterns for your holiday sewing.  And at the risk of sounding way too salesy, I will say that one thing I love about Amy's patterns is that they usually range from baby sizes to size 12.  That's a lot of bang for your buck.  And you know me--I'm all about that.  :)

Disclosure: Like I said, I'm a Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop Affiliate.  I purchase the patterns, and if you click and purchase through my links, I get a small commission from your sale.  But I mean seriously.  It's me we're talking about here.  I wouldn't be an affiliate if I didn't think the patterns were great.  So no pressure.  I mean it!

And on a completely unrelated note, have a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow {if you're in the US, that is}. We're doing two Thanksgivings {one with my fam, one with Superman's fam} So I'll see you back here next week...I'll be the one who's 20 pounds heavier.


"Super" Home: Laundry Room Plans

You know what's deceptive?  All of those pinterest pictures of laundry room/mudrooms.  You know why?  Because most laundry rooms are tucked in a tiny space....usually in the corner of the house.  When we moved into our home, we felt so lucky to have an actual laundry room.  {Heck, I'm just thankful I don't have to do the laundry in the river, so I'll take what I can get.}

That being said, we want to make it as functional as possible.  And I've gotta do this laundry room planning stuff quick because this is actually happening people!  Like this weekish. :) Early Christmas present!

Superman asked me last year if I wanted him to work on the laundry room and I was all, "Basement first."  And I tried to keep the laundry room clean and organized, I really did.  But it's quickly become the "catch-all" space--a mudroom {it's right next to the garage}/pantry {it's also right next to the kitchen/dump it landfill because "quick, we have company coming!  Stuff everything in the laundry room!"

I'll spare you anymore cluttery details I'll also forgo a "real" before picture right now because I don't want to put any OCD people into cardiac arrest. Suffice it to say something needs to be done.  

Here's a little glimpse into our corner laundry room.

And here's our something.  At least a general something.

1.  Front loaders.  When we started this plan, this was a definite "eventually someday" thing.  But the event of a certain dryer eating Superman's dress shirts {no really--like chewing them up and turning the collars black} happened to correspond with a certain sale at Home Depot and we took the front loader plunge.  And consequently, we probably won't be getting carpet in the basement..... :)

2.  Wall Mount Drying Rack.  I'd like to keep as much off the ground as possible by using wall space.  So this would be ideal.

3.  Command Center.  These things are a representation of some type of command center--chalkboard/magnet board/mail slot etc.  I love the looks of this one, but we'll see what happens.  I'd just like some sense of organization, kapeesh?

4.  Baskets.  At our house, all of our important papers end up on our kitchen counter.  And as fun as it is to have everyone see all our Walmart receipts, it would be nice to have some shelves for baskets that can house our random paper stash.

5.  Hooks.  Since our laundry also works as a mudroom, we're hoping to make a little hanging station, because, ya know, using our chairs as coat racks can only get you so far.  {going for a look like this or this}

6.  Mudroom bench.  Under the hooks, I'm loving the idea of a bench, where we can take off/put on shoes and stash shoes underneath said bench.  This would also significantly decrease accidents due to shoe tripage--a common occurrence in our household. :)  {love the look of this or this}

7.  More baskets. But these will be wire/clear baskets to house laundry-ish things.  We've got a little pantry closet in the laundry room {I told you--this room is a "jack of all trades"} but laundry stuff mixed with food was not going so well.  I mean, the chips were starting to taste like fabric softener.  Downey flavored Dorito's could the new thing, I guess?

8.  And of course, a fresh coat of paint.  We're in the process of picking one right now and I'm pretty sure dolphin fin by behr is winning.  The room doesn't have windows, so I want to make things as light as possible.

I'm definitely feeling like I'm putting out a high maintenance vibe with all of this.  Front loaders, new paint, must have cute baskets, blah blah blah.  These plans are just dreams out loud and I'm trying to make things functional.  No offense intended.  :)

So some Home Depot/Lowes trips will definitely be in order in the next few weeks.  Superman will be in heaven.  Wish us luck!


Polka Dot Knit Shift Dress

I live in Idaho.  Have I ever mentioned that?  Probably not.  Because of creepers and all that.  Don't want psychos knocking on my door or anything.  So don't come knocking {if you're crazy}.  :)

Anyway, it's cold here.  Like chilly town.  I'm not one to shy away from seasons--so winter, spring, summer, or fall, I really love it here.  But for the last few weeks, I've noticed that Madelyn only has short sleeved dresses to wear to church.  Which would be fine if we lived anywhere warmer, but we don't.  {Plus I'm convinced that our church runs AC all year long.  What's up with that?} 

So long sleeves were in order.
I just based the dress off a t-shirt, extended it several inches down, flaring it outwards and rounding the bottom up at the edge just a touch.  I hemmed the bottom, neckline, and arms with a double needle as well.

The fabric {also used here and here--I like to get my money's worth} was from Hobby Lobby.
I took these pictures by Madelyn's favorite rocking chair which belonged to my Great Grandma Mac, so it's sentimental and sweet that Madelyn loves this thing.

{Consequently, the chair is so old that only babies are allowed to sit in it--very useful. :)}
Now Madelyn can have warm arms.  Chubby arms can insulate only so much you know.

PS The bare legs sort of cancel out the long sleeves, don't they?  Normally, she wears the dress with tights.  Just sayin'.  :)

Have a happy day!


Get through THIS if you can.....

I have no real good way to start this post up.  So I'm just gonna get this out there.  I am spent and in a jumble.  I love my life, I am absolutely happy and I have nothing to complain about.  

Some things are just getting to be a little crazy and a little too much.  My focus has been errrrrrverywhere but where it needs to be and I've been re-evaluating and shifting and just trying to figure out where to spend my time and energy.  

I've been thinking about this blog.  It's a funny thing--blogging. The friends you meet "virtually", how "real" it all starts to feel.  How special I feel when someone comments, how "cool" I feel if I'm featured, or how much my thoughts are consumed with making things, writing, creating, and sharing.  Then it all just starts to feel like that's all I think about and it's just too much.  

I'm probably making no sense to anyone but myself, but every time I feel like this, I have to go back and remember why I started blogging.  The truth is--I just felt like I needed to.  That's it.  But I've learned to  really love it.  I enjoy writing random stories about whats going on in my life.  I love the feeling of accomplishment in documenting what I'm making and what I'm doing.  

But one of the things I struggled with when I started that hasn't seemed to go away is the definition or "type" of blog this is.  Ya know--what to acutally blog about.  I still have a hard time pin pointing what exactly I do here or what makes me different than any other blogger. I just want to share a bit of myself.  The trouble is, I'm not particularly talented.  {Not in a downer way, just a lezjusbehonestway}  I don't have the sewing prowess to make fantastic tutorials, and I take fuzzy pictures with a nice camera.  I am not really great at decorating, I don't have the patience to be an excellent cook and I don't want to spend all my money on the latest fashion.  {And come on, let's be real, who would really wanna see me modeling clothes?  Maybe as a joke.  :)} 

My inability to pinpoint any one true talent makes this blog a smshorgashborg of stuff.   SO when people ask me what the point of this blog is or what it's about, I'm kinda just like, "ummmmm...I'm not really sure."

So I think this has made me jump around a lot.  And if I really scrutinize the blog, I know that I've been making "stuff" for the sake of getting it up here so that this blog doesn't look pathetic with 4 posts total.  {It's funny because "readers" and "followers" aren't the reason I do this. That's probably obvious--so much of what I share is embarrassingly silly.} But really, it's not as fun to post for someone else, so I want to be more true to myself.

Maybe the only thing that makes me different is that I don't mind being completely honest as I share the ridiculousness in me {the awkward, the silly, the frustrated}.  I guess I don't mind being laughed at.  Superman knows and understands me so completely that who I am when I'm with him and who I am trying to become because of him really defines "me."  SO that's all I have to offer and that's what I want to share.

What's the point of all this?  I'm going to stop making things just to get it on the blog.  I won't post as many "tutorials" or ideas unless it's worth it and unless it helps define who I am and who my family is.  I don't wanna post just to post, ya know?  Because at the end of the day {and at the beginning of the day, 24 hours a day} I'm a wife and a mother. I have three beautiful children who love me and who want all of my attention--not half.  And really, that's fine because that's the stage we're in and I'm more than ok with that.

So don't worry, you probably won't even notice a difference around here except {hopefully} improved quality. :)  Also, I think I've made it sound like I think my blog rules the universe.  As if.  In the grand scheme of things, I realize that what I do here is just a little pebble in a sea of bigger, better ripples.  And I don't mind that.  I just want to be true to myself and my little family in the process because that's all that really matters.  And if you enjoy reading about us and what we do here, awesome.  If not, I totally understand--don't feel obligated.  :)

So thanks for reading if you did and don't worry if you didn't.  It's just a spew of words and a random picture of Lila {because I love her and I couldn't let this post be purely picture-less} anyway.  :)  
Have a great day!



For the last few months, I've been attempting sewing some skirts for myself....as well as practicing up on my serious face.  Yikes people.  
Here's one attempt with knit.  Today I'm showing my non-knit version which frankly, I'm more interested in figuring out.  And obs I've got a looooong way to go.  {And it would have been nice if I hadn't taken these pictures after a long day of wearing the skirt.  tut tut.}  
The last time I made a skirt was when I was 14.  Somehow the interest died in high school.  :)  Something about the whirl-wind of teenager-hood made me suppress any inclination toward sewing anything besides blankets.
But I find myself wanting to sew for myself more and more because darn it, sometimes things from the store just don't fit right!

So I try and fail, or I try and almost get things right.  So far, I haven't come out a champion in this department, but I'd sure like to.  Which is why it's probably important for me to document my lack of success so far.  :)  {Like how the pleats are too big....and the wrinkles. Again.  :)  I'm seriously laughing at them.  My grandma would be so embarrassed for me.}
And don't take this as "I'm fishing for compliments" because I'm not.  I know that I'm not where I need to be when it comes to most of my sewing, but especially when it comes to sewing for me.  Sometimes I just want to blog my creating successes, but the truth is, if I did that I'd probably be posting twice a year... so lucky you, you get to see many o' flop.

And that's ok, because Lila and Ezra are constantly singing Daniel Tiger's, "Try try try try try it again.....keep trying you'll get better!"  Typing that felt reallllly weird.  But when my kids sing it, it's cute, I promise.  :)

You know you're a mom when you're learning lessons from a kid show....dear oh dear.  Anyway, here's to working on getting better.  Have a great day!


Mustache Monday: Easy Mustache Party Favors

So Mustache Monday--it's been a while.  But I'm back with a vengeance because it's Movember, peeps!  So for your Monday viewing pleasure, we've got easy mustache party favors.   
I used this idea a while ago for a little mustache baby shower bash I helped with.  And I had to post a picture because I'm feeling a touch nostalgic right now.  
We've been gone from our old neighborhood for a year now, but man, I really do miss these cute ladies. {minus the one on the far right...because that's me.} They're just irreplaceable friends and I love 'em.  Shucks.  :)  

Anyway, I've shed my tears.  Let's get down to business. {not to defeat the Huns...admit it, you were singing that, weren't you?}

Materials Needed:
  • Mustache Chocolate Mold
  • Chocolate or White Almond Bark
  • Sucker Sticks
  • Clear plastic candy bags {small size}
  • Twist Tie
  • Thank You Paper
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Scotch tape
I used this chocolate mustache mold.  It's pretty self explanatory.  I dyed some of the chocolate blue with food coloring.  You can always use colored chocolate melts--this is just what I had on hand.
I made little bow ties out of scrapbook paper.  And cut out the thank you's {I said "thank you for attending" because this was a "little gents" bash and I was trying to up the politeness factor.}

When your mustaches are done, place a bag over the mustache
Put your thank you paper in the back of the mustache bag
Twist tie your bag closed 
Then place the bow tie on the front of the plastic 
Attach it with a little tape on the back.  
{And then fix any loose ends.}
And there you have it.  Make a whole bunch more and you'll have favors fit for mustache kings.  
Happy Monday!


Polka Dot Leggings {socks ----> leggings}

So is it totes lame to just make the same things over and over again.  Because that's what I do.  I know right?  So boring.  When I find something that rocks, I just like to use and re-use that idea.  It's what works for me.  However, it does make things a little boring if you read my blog because it's like, "didn't she just make that yesterday?"  And chances are that I did.

But in case you missed this little gem, you can turn a pair of long socks into leggings.

I made this pair for Madelyn a while back too.  But the little squish is growing, and like I said the other day, our weather is turning chilly town.  So chubby legs must be covered.

I picked up a pair of adult knee high socks at the dollar store a while back and sewed these when I had a free moment {or two or three} this week.

These hold up perfectly for a little "on the move" toddler.  Whether they're crawling

on their tip toes

or just laying around. :)

And if you wanna cover up the top, just put a little skirt over them.

Just follow my tutorial here and do me a favor, will ya?  If you do make these from that tutorial, will you let me know if it makes sense, because I want it to make sense, ok?


Now Madelyn's all ready to be toasty warm this winter.

So that's that.  Have a great weekend!

PS  Am I too old to say totes?


adverb...a word that can only be used by people 18 years of age or younger.
  1. 1.
    "it's summer so it's light all the time plus the scenery is totes amazing"

Yup.  I guess so.
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