Well, hello.

So blogging is the new black.  Well, I guess blogging is the old black {and maybe instagram is taking over?}  Who knows.  Either way I'm finally biting the bullet and jumping on the virtual blogging bandwagon.

I need a place to collect my ideas, thoughts, recipes, crafts, projects and all of the other randomness that is my life {and all the pictures I take along the way.} 

My life really began when I met superman.  {Turn on the sappity sap button.}  He changed me and helped me see my potential.  I guess you could say he sort of "saved" me.   Because that's what Superman does, right?

This blog is my collection of everything.  I have no schedule.  I have few talents worth blogging about.  I have no fancy "header".  I take my pictures with full on auto.  I will probably make grammar mistakes here and there.  Are you excited yet?  :)  Seriously, it's cool with me if you don't "follow" my blog.  That's not why I'm doing this.

I'm doing this because I married superman and anyone who married superman has got to share the story, right?  So here goes.  Enjoy!

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