Leg/Arm Warmers

This project isn't new at all.  But it is a fairly easy project.  {And when I say something that has to do with sewing is easy, I really mean it.  My schedule with three children aged 3 and under only allows me to do truly easy projects.}

Anyway, it's the ever popular leg/arm warmers. These are everywhere on pinterest and there are some great tutorials {see here and here}.  This is just how I do them and I wanted to record it for myself.

Materials needed:
Knee high socks
Sewing machine

Take your socks {I realize that's pretty self explanatory.}
Start by cutting the heels and toes off.
Save the middle part and fold it over {so the right sides are facing outward}.
Place inside sock.
 {Here's a close up.  Am I makin' sense?}
Pin in place.
Sew around.
There might be a little excess, so trim away {I almost typed "trim your hearts out" but I thought  better of it....yikes.}
Turn it over and that's that. I got a little carried away and made four.  {Hopefully that tells you how blasted easy this is.}
And for pinners out there...be my guest.

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