Mustache Monday: Free cupcake topper printable

I mentioned before that I threw a 'stache bash for Supermans b.day a while back, so I thought I'd share one {of many} free mustache printables to come.

This one was a cupcake topper.
I just cut out the circles, glued them together with a tooth pick in between.  Rocket science.  

*Please note the fact that I can't frost a cupcake. That's because.... I have cupcake frosting issues.  Seriously, I have tried to be patient enough to learn, but I can't seem to master it yet.  So I just sort of slapped it on there.  I know it would look better if I had frosted it correctly, but frosting's frosting, right?  Don't snub me.

Anyway, here's the printable.
Have a happy Monday!


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