Mustache Monday: Mustache Candy Dish

We get a kick out of mustaches in our house.  Not real mustaches.  Fake ones.  I know this trend has been going on for a while and if you just "don't get it" that's cool.  {Because, believe me, my Mom doesn't get it.} But we think it's fun {mostly because our kids think it's fun} and we're happy to keep trending the mustache until it dies.

We had a mustache bash a couple years ago for Supermans b.day and I went a little crazy with it.  {Meaning I purchased way too much mustache memorabilia.} So I have a lot of mustache things to share.  I plan to share mustachey things on Mondays just to get it off my chest.....or my upper lip, I should say. ;)

We'll see how long it lasts.  

So today?  A mustache candy dish {or mug}.
  • One ceramic dish or mug
  • Pencil
  • Sharpie
  • A mustache {Preferably not a real one}

And here's how it worked.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

 I'd wash your mug/dish/whatever first. {Just sayin'}
  {Note: You'll want to make sure it's %100 ceramic or porcelain}
Stachify. I traced a mustache of my own making on with a pencil.
 Then with a sharpie. {I've heard that colored Sharpies change color once they're cooked, so I just stuck with black}
 Then I filled it in.
 Wrote some words. {Then cursed myself for not having better hand-writing.  I even practiced with a pencil first!  Humbug.}

 Then I cooked the little beast for 30 minutes.
 Let it cool.
And stuck in some stachy M&Ms for Superman to take to work.  {No it's not old Valentines Candy!  I did this for V.day I promise.}
Happy Monday!

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