Plackets & Puffed Sleeves & Polka Dots.....

.....Oh my.

To say that this outfit was a labor of love would be true to some extent, but it was first and foremost a act of bravery.

You see, I know so little about the actual terms of sewing.  I should know more.  I've sewn semi straight lines for quite a while now, but I'm like a kindergartener seamstress here, people.  I am excited to learn, I want to know and understand how to do everything, but I don't even know how to count for crying out loud!  Those with experience seem to throw out terms and words like they're speaking another language. {This is also how I feel whenever Superman starts "talking tools" jigsaw, routers, drill bits, to name a few tooly terms I've picked up.}

Anyway, I'm left feeling all alone and confused whenever someone throws out R.S.T., pin tucks, or basting stitch.

So for the PR&P sew-along challenge being all about the details this week, I thought I would challenge myself and actually learn some terms of things that I like and really figure out how to sew some of them.  Namely collars, plackets, button holes, puff sleeves, and skinny jeans.

Peter pan collars and plackets are two of my favorite sewing things right now.  This was my first real attempt at both.  It took me a while to actually know what a placket was called {I'm slowly and surely figuring this sewing stuff out.} 

 Here.  I'll let her spin for you to show you the ensemble.
Are you looking closely?
Well, stop it.

I said this was my first attempt!
We've all gotta start somewhere. :)

I do love the peter pan collar.  I worked hard and I was geekily excited about it once it all came together.  I used this as a reference for the collar and this and this to figure out the placket.
The skinny jeans are from Go To Patterns and I am definitely converted. I'm sheepishly admitting that I haven't used an actual pattern before.  I don't really know why.  False pride that I could figure things out myself?  Maybe a little.  Mostly just to save some money, but wow.  A pattern really saves a lot of time doesn't it?  #iamadoofus
{Sidenote:  These skinny jeans are actually for my son, but since he and his older sister weigh the exact same amount, I figured it worked with the outfit.  That's also why they don't fit her perfectly.  She's diaper-less and he isn't.  Moving on.}  
So ya.  I am proud of how it turned out and now I can cross a few "details" off my sewing bucket list and go eat bon bons.  What are bon bons anyway?  Oh.  Just googled it.  Now I know. 


  1. You did great on the first attempt! The shirt is very cute.

  2. How sweet! You cannot go wrong with polka dots! Thanks for sharing!

    Get Your Crap Together

  3. Well done!! It was a very good first try. Love the fabric too and the pictures are lovely.

  4. Super cute! I can't tell it's your first try!


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