Socks to Leggings

Do you ever think that you've got a completely original idea and then you wake up and see that idea on someone else's blog.  And you're like, "Say what? How did you get my idea and read my mind?" Then you start looking around and you see that idea has often already been around since the 50's and you only thought it was your original idea.

I have "original ideas" like that all the time.

But I think it's fair to say that if I thought it was my idea originally, then I'm ok to share my take on it.

And now that I'm reading this over, I'm wondering if I even needed to explain all this.  I just wanted to clarify.

SO.  I thought one day, I think these knee high socks are cute, but what can I do with them to make them useful?  I'd already made these leg/arm warmers and I was up for a little change.  And I cut and arranged and cute and arranged some more until I figured out how to make them into leggings for a small sized human.

Consequently, I had some chevron knee highs that worked out perfect for this project that I did a few weeks ago.  

Materials needed
  • A pair of socks {knee highs for a toddler, smaller socks for a baby}
  • Scissors
  • 1/2 inch elastic
Take your socks and lop off the toes with your scissors {I was excited to use the word "lop" in a post.}
Then cut down the inside of the sock to about the middle of the heel.
Turn one sock inside out.
Place said sock inside the other sock so they line up.
Like so.
Pin in place.
Sew around {I used a straight stitch, then reinforced it with a zig zag}
Then add the elastic using this method from Made by Rae.
And viola', there you have it.  New leggings for your baby/toddler.
They work like tights, so if they seems small, they usually stretch quite a bit.  They fit my 3T/4T daughter.
{PS The clouds were doing crazy things while I took these pictures.  Hence the bright, dark, bright, dark sequence we had goin' on.}

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