Spots and Stripes {Kids Clothes Week Challenge}

A while back, Kristin from Skirt as Top left a comment on my blog about Elsie Marie's Kids Clothes Week.  So first, I almost fainted because Kristen from Skirt as Top actually left a comment on my blog.  Then I recovered, felt like a doofus, and did a little Kids Clothes Week research.  I'd heard of it before, but as usual, I was too terrified to participate.  But it looked fun and it just so happened that Superman was on a business trip for most of this week {what, you think now that he's married, he doesn't still have to save the world?  You silly billy.} So I KCWC it up over here.  Well, sort of.  I got a few things done and I enjoyed myself for the most part.  Most of the projects flopped, but that's because I was impatient.  This one turned out ok, so I thought I'd share it since I'm not completely ashamed.  :)

I'm into animal prints right now.  I think they're fun for kids.  And these socks were like 90 cents at Target.  I used this method to turn them into leggings.
 I need to work on the shirt a bit.  It makes her look like she has wings.  :)
 But I feel like chubby babies are cute in anything, so it's all good, right?
 This photo session moved outside  and ended quickly because this little doll was getting too wiggly.
 She's bustin' out the seams with her diaper....how embarrassing.  But she wore them all day and they held up, so that's a plus.
That's my KCW contribution for now.  I might show the other things I made at some point, but for now, I'm happy with this. 
Thanks for lookin'!

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