The Candy Chevron Dress

When you start blogging, nobody warns you that you're about to step into a world of virtual madness. When I checked my post the next morning after I posted and actually saw a comment, I almost yelped. {But it was early in the a.m., so I squelched it.}  I hadn't expected any comments, so more than one was exciting, to say the least.  What surprised me the most was the feeling that accompanied every comment. I felt so cool! Talk about instant gratification!  The rest of the day was spent checking the blog, thinking about the blog, talking about the blog.  {The day was also spent changing diapers, doing laundry, washing dishes, dancing with a two year old, and coloring with a three year old, for the record.}

But don't worry. I've returned to earth and I'm back to blogging reality.  My "blogter ego" has calmed down.

Just know that I appreciated the boost.

So chevron.  I kinda like chevron.  Superman thinks chevron is silly, though he pretends to be interested in it for my sake.  And it is silly.  Chevron is one of those things we'll probably look back on in a few years and be like, "What were we thinking?" Along with ballerina buns on top of our heads, leopard scarves, and pop pants

But I'm all for living in the chevron moment.  It's fun.  However, my budget tells me I'm not allowed to buy new fabric for quite some time, so I improvised.  And came up with this for Project Run & Plays challenge this week:
They were actually Target knee highs that I made into leggings.{ I'm sure I'm not the first to do this, but I've got a tutorial coming to show how.}
And I didn't wanna do a chevron overkill.....so I thought I'd blind you with neon instead.  Wasn't that thoughtful of me?
I liked this look, mostly because I know Lou will wear it.  It's very much her.  I made the dress with the top and the bottom of two old shirts. {Go to here to A Lemon Squeezy Home to see how.}  And then I used the excess material of both shirts to make the pockets and ruffle the shirt.
I painted the chevron onto the pockets with fabric paint.  Lou is a pocket kinda girl, so she's tickled.  The pockets were a perfect size for hidden candy. {Because this look reminded of some sort of candy.  Chevron Candy?  Sounds tasty in a weird way.}
You better believe I enjoyed my candy portion just as much as my kids did.  Probably more.
 And then I scheduled an appointment with the dentist, because I'm pretty sure I have a cavity.  I am this excited about that.
 Thanks for takin' a look!  Have a great day!


  1. So fun! You are probably right about the styling, but I agree that we all should live in the moment! :D

  2. Very cute and colorful! Perfect for this rainy spring day here.

  3. So cute...my favorite are those leggings!!!

  4. You found a perfect place for a backdrop! So cute!

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