Triangle Stamped Shorts

When it comes to my kids clothes, I'm learning that they wear what's comfortable.  Sometimes I slave away on a handmade outfit for one of them and I can't stand to let them wear it because they get it dirty insta-fast.  But that's ok.  I'd rather have them feel comfy in what they wear because they're kids and who even cares, right?

So I took some of Lila's pants that had seen lots of love {aka they were too short and had stains and holes} and spruced them up a bit and made them into:
We started with this.
 And Lila loved the result.  These are officially her favorite shorts. 
I made the pants into shorts and hemmed them up with a double needle.  Then I made a triangle stamp out of an eraser and an exacto knife and got my stamp on with some tulip fabric paint.
{Lou even helped me and it was fun to see her get so excited over triangles.  I forget that shapes are like super cool when you're three and learning your shapes.}

We let them dry then stamped the back, let that dry, then ironed it according to instructions. And now we've got a fresh pair of shorts for the summer and when Lou wants to play in the dirt, I can say, "Play on." without a care in the world.  Win win.


Sport Shorts

Have I ever mentioned that I have a son?  I have one.  I just don't sew for him much.  Not because I don't love him.  Because I do.  {Love him, I mean.}  But Ezra is two and he's just one of those two year olds who isn't very gratifying to sew for.  Because, like I said, he's a two year old boy and he'd much rather have me play a game of "build a tower with blocks" then have me waste time sewing for him.  Savvy?  But the poor little guy had zero shorts that fit for the summer.  And he's pretty hard on his clothes, so I wasn't quite sure how much effort I wanted to put into making anything for him.  That's when I remembered that I had a bunch of sportsy type knit fabric that I got for free and I thought maybe I could punch up Ezra's sad little wardrobe for the summer.  

And I made these little
for  my little sport.  I just used some knit shorts that he wore last year to trace a pattern and these were a hit.
The knit makes them comfy and he kept them on all day {which is a huge deal because he almost always pulls his pants off at some point in the day.}
Perfect for the little two year old on the go. 
Now we're off to go play.  Happy summer!


Mustache Monday: Mustache Round-up

I hope that people know that I'm totally kidding about mustaches.  Like I'm not really as obsessed as I seem.  My kids just think they're funny and I'm all for pleasing my kids with simple things.

So I thought I'd do a little mustache round up of a few little links that will take you to some stachey finds to use at a party:

Mustache Pinata

Mustache Gift Wrap

Mustache Sunglasses

Hairy Drinking Accessories

Mustache Bottle Tops

That's it!  Happy Monday!


Star Wars Lego Specimen T-shirt

Sometimes, I'm just in the mood to watch Star Wars {old Star Wars, of course. We won't talk about the new Star Wars.}  Every once in a while I wanna sit down and relax while I watch a little old school Star Wars action.  Lines like, "I've got a bad feeling about this." "That's no moon; that's a space station." and  "You're such a scruffy nerf herder!" are just too good to pass up.  :)  And now you know that I am weird.

Anyway, I've got a cute little nephew who told me that Star Wars is his favorite {then Harry Potter, then Tron.  Superman doesn't love Harry Potter and I don't even know what the heck Tron is.}

So I thought we'd do a little Star Wars tee for his birthday.  I was inspired by Cheri from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar's super cute Lego Star Wars tee that she made and I used her printable found here
I couldn't get the storm Trooper to look like a storm Trooper when I cut it, so I just went with Yoda and Darth Vader.  I originally just painted one Darth out of laziness and Lou told me he looked really lonely and that he "needed some friends, Mom."  So I made an army of Darth Vader's....and one Yoda.  I'm not really sure of the significance of that, but I thought it turned out fun and our nephew seemed to like it.
It was also my first try at freezer paper stenciling {I know that's so five years ago, but I'm slowly  overcoming my lack-of-creativity fears, remember?} and I thought it was super fun and relatively easy.  Cutting eight Darth's with an exacto knife is not ideal, but neither is spending the big bucks on a Sillhouette so I'm cool with it.
And that's all.  Have a great day!

.......and may the force be with you.  {Sorry.  Just couldn't resist.}


Easy Blanket

This is my favorite blanket to wrap my baby in.

It's actually embarrassing to even post a "how to" {of sorts} about this because it was so blasted easy, but maybe it'll help someone else who is in the same predicament that I was.
You see, I got this super soft minky material a while ago and I grabbed some matching bias tape to go with it.  I surged around the edges of the blanket and got ready to put the bias tape on.  And guess what?  I didn't have enough.  I measured wrong {which comes as no surprise since I have rotten math skills.}  And then we had our baby and as some of you might know, having a newborn is amazing, but it turns your world a little upside down.  {Mostly because of lack of sleep.  Anyone, understand where I'm comin' from, here?}

So months passed by and we just wrapped Madelyn in a sad half done blanket {I think it still even had some original selvage with words on the bottom.....it just looked bad.  I went to get more bias tape and they were out of that color and I wasn't in the mood to make my own.  {I know. Lazy.}  One night, I decided to just fold the edge over twice and sew since both sides are the same.  And it seriously took me like ten minutes.  And I actually like how it turned out.
So really, that's it.  Just turn it over twice and sew.  I didn't even pin.  {I just made sure I didn't get ahead of myself and go too fast.}
And that's it.  Easy!  And now I can take the blanket out in public without shame.  :)


Mustache Monday: Thank You Printables

So I didn't intend to leave last weeks Mustache Monday post up all week, but I had a lot going on, so oh well.  Here we are on another Monday.

This week I have a thank you printable.
I just printed these and glued them onto a fake mustaches package like this one as a party favor for our mustache bash.

So there you go and happy Monday!


Mustache Monday: Water bottle labels {printable}

This Monday is not going very well.  

I've got piles of laundry calling my name, runny noses asking to be wiped {allergy season}, and a bed that is begging for me to take a nap in it {provided I wash the sheets first}.  So I'm gonna keep it short.  

Here is a water bottle label from the mustache bash that we had forever ago. 
I stuck them on cute, tiny, overpriced water bottles.  I'd explain how to remove the original labels and stick these on, but I figure you're all smart enough to know how to do that, right?  Good.
Happy Monday!  Here's to hoping this Monday turns out better than it started.  :)


Easy felt bracelets

I've mentioned before that we recently moved into a new house.  Did I mention that it has an unfinished basement?  And that Superman is trying to find time to finish it in between work, church, and everything else?  He's got a lot on his plate and I'm grateful for what a hard worker he is and I kind of don't know how he gets it all done.  But that's why he's Superman, right?

Anyway, he has to take lots of trips to the tool store and he usually takes our son with him.  {Because even though Ezra is only two, he is into all things tools.}  So while they're busy running manly errands, the girls and I have some quality "girl time."  This usually consists of nail painting, but I thought I'd step it up a while back and do a little craft.

Lou has a thing for bracelets and jewelry, so we made some felt bracelets that would be easy for her to take on and off by herself.

Felt bracelets in 3 easy steps.

Materials needed:
  • felt
  • velcro

My strips {for my 3 year old} ended up being about 1 inch x 7-9 inches.  Just measure your child's wrist to make sure.
 And that's it!
 We made too many, but I thought it would be fun to have some with different designs.
 It's nothing groundbreaking and I'll be honest, Lou lost interest after a while.  But she was tickled with the end result. 


Mustache Monday: sheinside necklace

A while ago, I bought a top from sheinside.com.  I liked the shirt, but what made receiving my order even better was this complimentary necklace that came with it. 
Happy, funny, and totally random surprise, right?  I got a kick out of it. {And so did my kids.}

Now I kind of wanna buy this top {or this one....hard to choose} and maybe get another necklace?  Ok, never mind.  If Superman {aka the voice of reason} were here, he'd remind me that I really don't need two mustache necklaces. {Or another shirt for that matter.} But a girl can hope, right?

Have a happy Monday!


Neutral Girls Nursery

What is it about rocking a baby to sleep? I'm not talking about hurried rocking.  {You know all about that kind of rocking, don't you?  That desperate sort of rocking where you're trying to get a baby to sleep and they're fighting it like crazy?  That's the kind of rocking I did until 3am last night.  Believe me, it's not pretty.}  No, I'm talking about rocking a baby who is ready to be rocked to sleep.  The time when they're so tired and all they need is a two minute rock and they're out like a light.  I love that kind of rocking.  It's bliss in my book. 

I especially like to do it in this room.
This is our daughters nursery.  No pink, I know.  Are you surprised that a girl sleeps here?  The color scheme wasn't intentionally so neutral. {I'm not against pink at all}  I really had big plans for this nursery, but we just bought this house, it's brand new and it was already painted, so when I moved in at 8 1/2 months pregnant, re-painting and spending lots of dollar bills on decorating weren't high on my priority list.
So we improvised and I had Superman hang up this $10.00 overhang canopy from ikea that we got a year or two ago. {I still think Superman thinks that this overhang is a useless piece of decor, but he's sweet about not questioning it.  And now that I'm taking the time to notice, I do believe that the canopy was crooked when I took the pictures.  That's lovely.}
My Mom bought these pillows for 25 cents each.  Not because she needed them.  Just because 25 cents a pillow is too good to pass up, I guess.  :)  The cream blanket is a soft minky one that we already had on hand.
And I cut hearts out of a brown grocery sack with my daughter and then sewed them into a makeshift banner.   {Yup, that's me.  Saving the planet one bag at a time.}
I have a few more inexpensive plans for this nursery {one of which is to clean the mess on the ground that isn't pictured....just sayin'}, but this is it for now.
It's a very calming room {even when it's messy, which it is more often than I care to admit.}
And when I can actually get this little doll to sleep in here, it's one of those sweet, tender moments that I just want to freeze in my memory.  Being a mom is pretty exhausting, but watching a child drift to dreamland is one of the many reason's it's worth while.
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