Easy Blanket

This is my favorite blanket to wrap my baby in.

It's actually embarrassing to even post a "how to" {of sorts} about this because it was so blasted easy, but maybe it'll help someone else who is in the same predicament that I was.
You see, I got this super soft minky material a while ago and I grabbed some matching bias tape to go with it.  I surged around the edges of the blanket and got ready to put the bias tape on.  And guess what?  I didn't have enough.  I measured wrong {which comes as no surprise since I have rotten math skills.}  And then we had our baby and as some of you might know, having a newborn is amazing, but it turns your world a little upside down.  {Mostly because of lack of sleep.  Anyone, understand where I'm comin' from, here?}

So months passed by and we just wrapped Madelyn in a sad half done blanket {I think it still even had some original selvage with words on the bottom.....it just looked bad.  I went to get more bias tape and they were out of that color and I wasn't in the mood to make my own.  {I know. Lazy.}  One night, I decided to just fold the edge over twice and sew since both sides are the same.  And it seriously took me like ten minutes.  And I actually like how it turned out.
So really, that's it.  Just turn it over twice and sew.  I didn't even pin.  {I just made sure I didn't get ahead of myself and go too fast.}
And that's it.  Easy!  And now I can take the blanket out in public without shame.  :)

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