Easy felt bracelets

I've mentioned before that we recently moved into a new house.  Did I mention that it has an unfinished basement?  And that Superman is trying to find time to finish it in between work, church, and everything else?  He's got a lot on his plate and I'm grateful for what a hard worker he is and I kind of don't know how he gets it all done.  But that's why he's Superman, right?

Anyway, he has to take lots of trips to the tool store and he usually takes our son with him.  {Because even though Ezra is only two, he is into all things tools.}  So while they're busy running manly errands, the girls and I have some quality "girl time."  This usually consists of nail painting, but I thought I'd step it up a while back and do a little craft.

Lou has a thing for bracelets and jewelry, so we made some felt bracelets that would be easy for her to take on and off by herself.

Felt bracelets in 3 easy steps.

Materials needed:
  • felt
  • velcro

My strips {for my 3 year old} ended up being about 1 inch x 7-9 inches.  Just measure your child's wrist to make sure.
 And that's it!
 We made too many, but I thought it would be fun to have some with different designs.
 It's nothing groundbreaking and I'll be honest, Lou lost interest after a while.  But she was tickled with the end result. 

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