Neutral Girls Nursery

What is it about rocking a baby to sleep? I'm not talking about hurried rocking.  {You know all about that kind of rocking, don't you?  That desperate sort of rocking where you're trying to get a baby to sleep and they're fighting it like crazy?  That's the kind of rocking I did until 3am last night.  Believe me, it's not pretty.}  No, I'm talking about rocking a baby who is ready to be rocked to sleep.  The time when they're so tired and all they need is a two minute rock and they're out like a light.  I love that kind of rocking.  It's bliss in my book. 

I especially like to do it in this room.
This is our daughters nursery.  No pink, I know.  Are you surprised that a girl sleeps here?  The color scheme wasn't intentionally so neutral. {I'm not against pink at all}  I really had big plans for this nursery, but we just bought this house, it's brand new and it was already painted, so when I moved in at 8 1/2 months pregnant, re-painting and spending lots of dollar bills on decorating weren't high on my priority list.
So we improvised and I had Superman hang up this $10.00 overhang canopy from ikea that we got a year or two ago. {I still think Superman thinks that this overhang is a useless piece of decor, but he's sweet about not questioning it.  And now that I'm taking the time to notice, I do believe that the canopy was crooked when I took the pictures.  That's lovely.}
My Mom bought these pillows for 25 cents each.  Not because she needed them.  Just because 25 cents a pillow is too good to pass up, I guess.  :)  The cream blanket is a soft minky one that we already had on hand.
And I cut hearts out of a brown grocery sack with my daughter and then sewed them into a makeshift banner.   {Yup, that's me.  Saving the planet one bag at a time.}
I have a few more inexpensive plans for this nursery {one of which is to clean the mess on the ground that isn't pictured....just sayin'}, but this is it for now.
It's a very calming room {even when it's messy, which it is more often than I care to admit.}
And when I can actually get this little doll to sleep in here, it's one of those sweet, tender moments that I just want to freeze in my memory.  Being a mom is pretty exhausting, but watching a child drift to dreamland is one of the many reason's it's worth while.


  1. Beautiful! Where did you get the crib?

    1. Thank you! The crib and mattress {and changing table for that matter} are all from ikea. They were display models, so we got them discounted and we just varnished them with shellac.

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