Sport Shorts

Have I ever mentioned that I have a son?  I have one.  I just don't sew for him much.  Not because I don't love him.  Because I do.  {Love him, I mean.}  But Ezra is two and he's just one of those two year olds who isn't very gratifying to sew for.  Because, like I said, he's a two year old boy and he'd much rather have me play a game of "build a tower with blocks" then have me waste time sewing for him.  Savvy?  But the poor little guy had zero shorts that fit for the summer.  And he's pretty hard on his clothes, so I wasn't quite sure how much effort I wanted to put into making anything for him.  That's when I remembered that I had a bunch of sportsy type knit fabric that I got for free and I thought maybe I could punch up Ezra's sad little wardrobe for the summer.  

And I made these little
for  my little sport.  I just used some knit shorts that he wore last year to trace a pattern and these were a hit.
The knit makes them comfy and he kept them on all day {which is a huge deal because he almost always pulls his pants off at some point in the day.}
Perfect for the little two year old on the go. 
Now we're off to go play.  Happy summer!


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