Triangle Stamped Shorts

When it comes to my kids clothes, I'm learning that they wear what's comfortable.  Sometimes I slave away on a handmade outfit for one of them and I can't stand to let them wear it because they get it dirty insta-fast.  But that's ok.  I'd rather have them feel comfy in what they wear because they're kids and who even cares, right?

So I took some of Lila's pants that had seen lots of love {aka they were too short and had stains and holes} and spruced them up a bit and made them into:
We started with this.
 And Lila loved the result.  These are officially her favorite shorts. 
I made the pants into shorts and hemmed them up with a double needle.  Then I made a triangle stamp out of an eraser and an exacto knife and got my stamp on with some tulip fabric paint.
{Lou even helped me and it was fun to see her get so excited over triangles.  I forget that shapes are like super cool when you're three and learning your shapes.}

We let them dry then stamped the back, let that dry, then ironed it according to instructions. And now we've got a fresh pair of shorts for the summer and when Lou wants to play in the dirt, I can say, "Play on." without a care in the world.  Win win.


  1. You are blowing me away with your cleverness!!! I am loving this blog. I'm going to follow and put a link on mine. You are amazing! I feel like making a blog called, "My Sister is Wonder Woman!"


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