Captain America Pants

I really like the Fourth of July. I love sparklers, fireworks, parades, red, white and blue--ya know.  The whole sha-bang. I realize it's just an American holiday so I apologize if you read this and it just seems like yet another American tooting their horn. We can still be friends even if we don't celebrate the same holidays right? Right.

Moving on.

So I also really like Captain America.  I like the way he's portrayed in the Avenger movies.  Just an all around good, honest guy, ya know?  His personalty sort of reminds me of my Superman....without a shield.

I made these Captain America Shorts for Ezra a while back and he loves them with a capital heart.
I used an existing pair of shorts to draft a pattern of sorts and I used a sporty-ish {look at me making up words} knit and a double needle to try to get a more professional look.
The freezer paper stenciling {original idea from here at I am Momma Hear Me Roar} was not the easiest, but I was very happy with the results. Ezra really does love wearing them {which totally makes it a worthwhile project in my book.}
The difficulty is really just that you have to stencil over one of the circles that you already painted.  Let me 'splain. You basically just have to cut out a few different circles {I eventually changed the star for obvious reasons}.
 I cut the outlines for the red circles first
then let them dry and set completely. {I know. The weirdest residue that came off of the freezer paper. Odd?  I've never had it happen before or since, but it came right off when I washed it, I promise.}
Next do the white circle and star.   Let it dry, iron it, and you're set.
So now we have another pair of shorts for this little guy to enjoy for the summer.
 Happy Independence Day next week!  {or happy summer, if you don't celebrate the Fourth of July}


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