Dad's Shirt ---> Daughter's Dress

I don't know if there is a person in the sewing world who hasn't seen or been inspired by something on Dana's blog.  {Isn't it funny how when we read someone else's blog and we address them by their first name as if we know them? :)}  Sometimes I really wonder if Dana is human.  She has some amazing sewing abilities and seems to be such a rockin' Mom.  I dunno how she does it, but I'm sure glad she does--it's inspiring!  When I first came across her blog, I sewed tons of these little shirt dresses.  It's fun and relatively easy.  I made this one last year and now it fits.
I'll be honest.  I didn't love it.  Mostly, I didn't love the material on Lila.  And I messed up in so many places.  It's just a little sloppy. I didn't want to do a waist band or buttons, so I sewed a ruffle down the front and it's a little crazy town.  
But guess what?  It's made out of Superman's shirt, which means that Lila loves it. Typical. This girl is so like her Superman dad in personality, it's disturbing.  But maybe that's what makes me love her so much.  :)
I tried putting a cardigan over it and I liked it more.  Listen to me sounding so shallow and negative about a silly dress?!  My goodness.  I don't mean to sound so picky.  It's just if I'm going to actually take time to make something for my kids, I want to really like it. But either way, it doesn't matter and if Lila's happy, I'm happy.
 Again, Dana's tutorial is here if you wanna give it a try!
Have a happy day!


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