Mustache Monday: Mustache Onesie

Superman and I know a couple who seem like they were just born to be good parents.  They have a cute little daughter and they are so sweet with her.  I'm always so impressed at what a good job they are doing raising her.  So imagine our excitement when we found out that said couple is expecting a boy.  We just threw a little shower for them last month and it was of course mustache related.  :)  I made a few little mustachey gifts for the cute little fellow on his way.  Here's example one:
*By the way, how do you spell onesie?  Is it onesie?  Or onsie?  Or does it even matter? 
Anyway, I used freezer paper stenciling and had some fun with it.  I've gotta admit that I'm really liking freezer paper and how easy it is.  Why was I ever scared of this stuff?  I just googled an image I liked, printed it, then traced it.  {My tracing skills are more then a little shaky as evident in the photo.}
Then I cut the tracing out with an exacto knife.
Ironed it on the onesie. {onsie?  Psh!  Dumb words.}
And painted away. 
Until we were finished.  {Black paint on white is really the easiest to do this with.  It only took one layer.}
 Now just let it dry and peel the freezer paper back.  {Yup. That is my fat thumb you're getting the privilege of seeing.}
Now we have a little onesie fit for one cool little man.   {Oh look!  That little tag down there is spelled onesie! Thanks for clarifying, Gerber.}
 Have a rockin' Monday!


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