Painting Chevron

I meant to post about these little chevron pockets back when I posted about the dress they went with, but you know...life happened and I forgot. 
But painting the ol' chevron really isn't hard since it's just straight lines.  All you need is a little fabric paint.

Just tape it. 
Paint a layer.  {Why paint it on a notebook, you ask?  I really have no idea.}
Add another layer.
Let it dry and pull the tape off. 
{I know.  My paint bled through a bit.  Would you just stop judgin' me?  :)  I got a little carried away with too much paint.  With a little practice, this could turn out a lot better.}

But for mine, it worked out fine since it was just for the pockets and apparently, three year olds aren't looking too close.
In fact they're usually not looking at all.  :)
Have a happy day!

1 comment:

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