Polka Dot Shorts

Remember how I was sprucing up Lila's wardrobe by making some of her pants into shorts for the summer?  Here's another one for you.  This one was even easier than the last one.
We went from this:

to this:
And the process was simple. Cut your pants the length you'd like the shorts to be and then hem them.  I used a double needle.  {Of course, with knit, you don't necessarily have to hem them at all since it doesn't really fray.}
And then polka dot them with a pencil and fabric paint.  {I Am Momma Hear Me Roar does a similar thing to some onesies here}

I went a little polka dot happy.  I probably won't do as many if I do this again.
Anyway, that's it.  Have a happy day!  


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