Summer fun for young kids {Free Printable}

If you're like me and have young kids, you know that they get excited over the tiniest things.  Like I can hand three-year-old Lila a piece of bubble gum and you'd think that it was gold.  She thinks it is awesome.  And my kids get even more excited if we get to go somewhere.  A trip to the grocery store?  Yes, please Mom.  :) {It's really easy to please kids when you've set the bar pretty low--am I right?}  But the trouble with me is I like to be in my home.  I could happily stay inside, like, pretty much always.  And now you know: I am a hermit.  Sad but true.  And my poor babies get pretty stir crazy.

So in an effort to be a better Mom, I sat down with Lila and Ezra and had them list some activities they wanted to do this summer.  I came up with some of the ideas, Lila came up with others, and Ezra nodded in agreement and sort of babbled in his two-year-old boy lingo.  I had to set some limits since Madelyn is just 8 months and Ezra still takes afternoon naps, so I picked ten fun toddler-ish things for us to do this summer and I thought I'd share. 

These activities are geared towards things that I know my kids will enjoy that also cost little to no money.  {yay!} I plan to do one or two per week.  I'm sure we'll do some of these things more than once this summer, but with a list, I'll know that we'll do them at least once.
You might notice that some of the activities are specified to where I live. If you'd like to change things up and make a list of your own, feel free.
Now our list hangs on the fridge and my minions are getting pretty excited.  Nothing like a fridge list to get me out of the house.
Hope your summer is happy!


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