Take Me Out to the Ballgame Skirt

I actually made this skirt last year and it still gets a lot of love.  I started out making a dress {much like this one} but then I got lazy.  We started with Superman's old white dress shirt.  I kept the existing hem, sewed elastic into a casing, and switched out the buttons. Then we put a little paint on and it became the:
A white skirt is fun because it's a blank canvas.  I used a toilet paper role and fabric paint to make a design.  I actually let Lila help at this point.  I wanted it to look a little messy and that just happens to be my three year old forte and she likes to be able to "help" me with projects.  
The little circles reminded me of baseballs, so we headed to the field one morning and snapped a few quick pics.  
Lila looks so little to me back then!  It's weird to think how much they grow.  
When I look back at these pictures, it reminds me of where I was then.  We were on the threshold of some big changes {we were just getting ready to move and I was extra large pregnant}.  I'm glad I took these pictures when I had the chance too since they ripped this baseball field up.
 So there you go.  Another easy way to spruce up one of Superman's old shirts.  Thanks for reading!


  1. I have seen this one in person and can attest to it's cuteness! You are so amazingly clever! Love it!

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