Anthro Knock-Off Shirt

Right now, I'm sitting next to Ezra.  He's in his Cars PJ's with his head in his hands.  Bedtime has come and gone, but he must've missed the memo.  Every minute or so he pops up, looks at me with his thick lashes and baby blues and and asks, "Chips, Mom?"  I say, "Nope. Bedtime?"  To which he furrows his brow and grunts, "Nope." And puts his face back in his hands.  And so it goes.  The eternal bedtime struggle.

So anyway, back to business.  Anthro.  Anthro-knock off.  Do you know how cool I feel when I type anthro knock-off?  Pretty cool.  Because what is cooler than spending $3 instead of $58? A tight wad can't really ask for more. So, what's the legality of stealing ideas from anthro?  Does anthropology have a lawyer whose job is to peruse Pinterest and the blogosphere looking for people to sue?  Because that lawyer has got to be making bank.  I guess I'll take my chances because chances are if I get sued, I would be paying less for the lawsuit than I would for the shirt.  :)  Hopefully, all is fair in creativity and anthro.

So here's the shirt that I liked.

And here's my take:  
{FYI: I've seen versions of this shirt made with different fabric, but I used a stretchy knit for the front and a light weight see through-ish fabric for the back.}

And here's the front view.  It looks a bit wonky on the hanger, but it fits better than it looks.  :)
I took a long sleeved shirt from Old Navy that I got on clearance.
Did I mention it was dirt cheap.  {I love a good deal and I'll get nice and tacky by bragging about it}
 So put down a shirt that you like.
 And cut just below {allowing room for hemming later.}
 Put your alternating fabric where you want it. {I started with a little less than half a yard and didn't quite use it all.}
 Pull both sides toward the middle, creating a pleat.  Then cut the side corners to match the sleeves.
 Cut down the side.  You can cut the bottom to your desired length.  {I did this later, but I'd but that's sort of because I forgot.  :)
 Now mark the top of your alternating fabric with a fabric pen or pins.
 Then pull the fabric off and cut the back of the shirt off.  Start on one side.
Go around the sleeves and then across and down the other side.
 And remove the back.
 Now with right sides together pin top section {with your pleat first}
 Then tuck the rest of your alternating fabric around
 and pin on the sides {still r.s.t.}
 Then carefully sew.
 I did a straight stitch then reinforced with a small zig zag.
 At this point I cut the bottom of my fabric.  {If you did this before, then don't worry 'bout it.}
 Now hem the bottom of your alternating fabric.
And press.
It's actually helpful to press all of your seams at this point.  
Now for the pocket.  Cut a square {I think mine was 4x5} and finish the edge.
Then fold over and press.
You'll want to fold the top over twice and sew across.
Then pin and sew onto your shirt.
Then go ahead and hem your sleeves if desired.
I used a double needle for mine.  {If I were to do this again, I wouldn't fold the hem twice before I sewed.  It's knit so it wasn't necessary and it made it a bit bulky.  So just fold over once or not at all to avoid that.}
And that's it.  
I guess I'd better hit the road.  Ezra has changed his tactics and is now trying to get on my lap.
Thanks for reading!

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