Easy Fruit Pops

Holy heat batman!  It's gotten super hot around these parts and we figured that we had a few options to cool down.  

1-----> Get AC 
2-----> Have a popsicle.  

And we chose.....both.  :)  {We are pretty big babies about the heat, so they installed our AC unit yesterday.  Heaven!}  :)  But in the meantime, we made Popsicles.  {Much cheaper than getting AC}
I'm kind of a fan of posicles in any form, but I wanted to make some so that the kids could help me.  These are relatively healthy since they've got fruit in them and I used a sugar free jello.  {When we do this again, we won't use red though....big mistake for obvious reasons.  Our family keeps the laundry industry in business.}

SO.  You just need:
For the liquid, all you gotta do is follow directions on your jello box {we followed the jello jiggler directions}.  Pour the liquid until it's about two thirds full. 
Then add the fruit.
Pour the rest of your liquid in to cover your fruit until it's almost full.  {Once this froze I realized that I could have put a little more in, but I was a little gun shy because I didn't want it to overflow.}
Then put the lids on top and freeze away.  {Ya, he was putting them in upside down at first :)}
These were quite tasty and the kids loved seeing the "fruit of their labors."
{We totally had the vampire look goin' on once we were done, by the way.}  
 See how pretty the fruit is inside?  Lovely, lovely.  
And that's it.  Stay cool!  

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