Stripe Knit Skirt

A Fourth o' July skirt.  I know.  Today of all days.  Better late than never, right?  Truly, I don't really care if my kids match, or have patriotic attire on Independence Day.  I used to care when I just had one child, but now if I can get all of my kids out the door clothed, I'm still singin' glory, glory hallelujah whether they match or not.  


Lila is growing fast and her skirts are getting too short, so I got this idea yesterday about making a semi-patriotic skirt. Alas, I looked in my fabric stash and wasn't finding anything red, white, or blue. But I didn't have time {or means, for that matter} to go buy fabric, so I improvised and decided to paint some stripes on the bottom of an old white jersey knit t-shirt.  Obviously, I'd love some already striped fabric, but painting it is the next {and cheapest best thing}.  I also wanted to make this skirt wearable for not just one day.  I'm not gonna lie, I was happy with the way it turned out.  {Hip hip for when things turn out how we envision them!}  And of course, Lila is always tickled to get a new skirt.  
For reference, my daughter is a slightly petite, short legged {long-trunked} 3 year old.  I'll give her measurements, but you can adjust accordingly.  Also, I see tons of tutorials for yoga waist band style skirts, this is just how I've figured out how to make them, but feel free to look elsewhere for help if this how to doesn't suit you.

So you just take your fabric {which was about 18x15 inches} 
 and cut about 10 inches down on the 15 inch side.  The shorter piece will be the waist band.  
Line your skirt all the way around with tape.  You'll want to tape from the bottom so that you can use the existing hem of the t-shirt and so that you don't have to paint it.  
Now paint away.  
 First one side.  Dry.  Then the other. Then dry.  
When you pull off the tape, it'll be a bit lumpy, but that will iron out later.  
Now it's time to focus on the waist band.  I just took Lila's waist measurement {19in} and added an inch then divided that in half.  
19{waist size}+1
10 inches
{Oh my goodness, I'm doing math!  My grade school teachers would be so proud!}
This will be the length that you'll cut off of the top section from before.  
So eventually, you'll have a 10x5 inch rectangle.  
Which you'll wanna sew.  Right down the side.  {I use a zig zag stitch with knit.}
Now you take that piece and fold wrong sides together in half so it forms a band.  {Are you with me here?}
Now you'll need to ruffle the top of your longer skirt piece.  {Ruffle by setting your machine to highest tension, longest length}
And carefully pull thread so that it matches up with the length of your waist band.  
Place band all around your skirt so that the bottom of the band matches up with the top of the skirt and pin.  {I know. Pins. I dislike pinning because it's tedious.  Superman dislikes pins because they are hazardous to children and because they hurt his feet.  But I promise, you'll a wanna pin this one.}  It helps to start with the sides to help the seams match up too.  
Now sew around {Tip: be sure not to tug or pull.}    
I use a zig zag and then a straight stitch.
It will come out a little lumpy.  
But that's where the iron comes in.  Give it a quick press. {And iron the painted part with a piece fabric over it to smooth out the painting bumps.}
And you're done!
Now go to a parade, watch the fireworks and kick back.  Happy Independence Day!   

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