Creamsicle Shirt {Tutoiral}

I'm starting to think I need to get a dummy to model any clothes that I make for myself.  I am just real real awkward in front of a camera and I don't feel like I "sell" the clothes very well.  So just know that the chances are high that this shirt will look much better on you than it does on me.
I really like creamsicles and that is what my mind kept thinking of when I saw this dress for $3 at Walmart {....ahem...in the kids section....cough}  I grabbed the biggest size and went to work.
I placed a second t-shirt and measured down how far I wanted to go and then I cut the peach colored shirt on the curve.
I cut a curve on the white shirt to match.
Now I connected them by placing one shirt inside the other shirt with right sides together and pinning.  *The pinning here is really important because if the shirts aren't pinned and you have extra fabric on either side, the shirt will go all wonky.

Carefully sew {or serge} all the way around the shirt.  Press and you're done.

That's it.  Now put it on, model it awkwardly, and go eat a creamsicle.  I promise there's a reason why my face isn't showing in these pictures....believe me, you don't wanna see it.  :)
And enjoy the rest of your day!


The Wednesday Whatevs: 10 random things

It's 3am.  Ezra and Madelyn decided to tag team it tonight and throw separate parties both of which I alone was invited to.  How thoughtful.  Now I can't sleep.  And whenever I can't sleep, I I write in my head.  So I thought I'd at least write the nonsense down.  Maybe it'll help put my mind to sleep.

#1  I just wanna know, do fashion bloggers ever have a flop day?  I mean, do they ever just look awful. Could we ever catch them wearing old sweatpants from walmart with an old over-sized t-shirt from high school and 4 day old hair in a greasy pony tail?  I'd kinda like to see that.  Oh wait  All I have to do is look in the mirror.  That's exactly how I looked today.  Maybe I just wanted to see if I'm not the only one.  :)

#2  I'm loving the blog Lexi Made right now.  Such pretty photography and adorable sewing all from one lovely person.  It hardly seems fair that Lexi is so extra gorgeous and has all these mad skills. :)  What's up with that?

#3  Do you ever know someone who is just so good that you want to be like them?  I mean they're not self-righteous or goody-two-shoes about it.  They're just so good because that's who they are.  And just being around them motivates you to be better.  I have a friend {well, almost a friend.  I don't know if I'm cool enough to be her actual friend} like that.  Whenever I talk to her, I just want to be awesome like her.  I imagine that's how you'd feel if you got to hang out with Disney from Ruffles & Stuff or Christie from A Lemon Squeezy Home.  Just pure goodness, you know?

#4  Superman's travel season is coming up.  It's the pits when he's not around.  He's a bit stressed, poor guy.  I'm so thankful for him and how hard he works.  He's such a rockstar!

#5  A good thing about travel season is that sometimes the kids and I get to tag along.  We're going to visit my sister soon!  I can't wait!!

#6  My little Lila Lou is turning four soon.  What?!  She's so excited.  When did my baby girl get so big?
#7  I want to be more clean and organized.  I also want to take care of my blasted body.  I think sleep would help both of those desires.  But I can't sleep.  Catch 22.

#8  I got duped into buying a 4 night 5 day cruise to the Bahamas last week.  One of those, take this survey and you'll win a free cruise type things.  It was not free.  I made Superman call back and cancel.  That happened on the same day I grilled my arm.  Not a good day.
#9  Speaking of cruises, I don't usually get duped into "free" stuff like that, but Superman and I celebrated 5 years of domestic blissity this year.  We'd like to have a little mini getaway but we haven't the slightest idea of where to go.  {And nothing is free, darn it!}  We're really just looking for something fairly inexpensive and fast, so we're on the hunt.  We haven't been without a child for four years....crazy.

#10  And lastly.  I need a haircut.  Ya, because of that grilling incident.  I usually go with a medium length and a taper, but by cracky, I wanna try something different.  Not too different.  I could never do a pixie cut.  My elf ears would start a rebellion.  Just something a little different than my long mop:
*I'm sorry, I know I'm breaking the law because mom's aren't allowed to take selfies, because it just seems so.....selfish {and egotistical} but I'm just tryin' to capture my shaggy mane.  Anyway, my hair grows like a weed and Madelyn's always ripping it out, so I don't really know what I'm waiting for.  Better start pinning ideas.

And I think I'm done.  If you made it through that randomness, thank you.  I think I'll go give sleep another chance.


"Super" Home Plans: Living Room

I made the mistake of showing Superman these home plans yesterday.  And he had the audacity not to make a huge fuss over my rockin' plan!  I could tell he just wasn't digging it.  How rude!  As I watched him zoom in on the pillows, I could just read his thoughts.

Too many pillows.  Superman doesn't love excess pillows.  I'm sure he's not the only man to feel that way.

But I'm going to share them anyway, in hopes that Superman will have a change of heart.  And none of this is concrete anyway, so oh well.

So in case you missed it, here's the living room+one child:
And here are the plans:  {I don't really have any "must-haves" on here.  Just general ideas, or items along the same lines.}

1.  I'm diggin' gray walls.  I realize I'm way behind on the trend.  I've liked gray walls for years and never took the opportunity to paint.  {Because our walls in our last house were fairly freshly painted.} Anyway, I like Benjamin Moore Gray Owl {or Harbor Gray, or Revere Pewter}  We'll have to test a few out at some point.
2.  Ikea curtains.  I purchased them a long time ago, and ideally, they'd be stenciled with a fun print along these lines.  But we'll see about that.
3.  A Barnwood Shelf with corbels.  I might have to compromise on the barnwood since Superman loves a good stained wood.  {The original idea came from here at I am Momma Hear Me Roar.}
4.  An end table.  I think Superman could totally rock building one of these.  And of course on top I'd have to have a little vignette of sorts.  {Just to make life harder by tempting my kids with "breakable" items that they're not allowed to touch.  Perfect.}  
5.  Gray Leather Couch.  Not necessarily the one in the picture.  I love leather {so easy to keep clean!  Small kids remember?}  We have a black one now and I think gray would brighten things a bit.
6.  Pillows {"Stupid, unnecessary pillows", Superman is thinking as he reads this.}
7. Some little Pouf auto-mans.  {I would love to have these to hide toys inside.  Wouldn't that be nice?  And as long as I'm dreaming, I'd also like a free milkshake.}
8. This rug is the only item on here that I'd specifically like.  Or something like it.  I don't think I can convince Superman to get in in size HUGE for the whole living room since we have carpet, but I'd at least like it in a small size for our back door.

So those are the living room plans for now.  You're welcome to make a big deal and say you LOVE them since Superman didn't.  Unless you hate the plans.  And if that's the case, be kind to me and ignore them.  That's fine too.


That one time when I grilled my arm

Last week, we went out to have dinner at Mothermine's {that's my mom, btw}.  Pa-Dad's {and that's my dad} out of town, so Superman was mowing the lawn.  Which made him unavailable for grilling {Which he's really amazing at.  He really has been touched by the grill-gods.  Gifted, I tell you.}

So I pretended that I could grill the steak to perfection and got my "I can totally grill that steak" face on.  Probably to impress my mom {still craving parental approval? Really, Beth?  Really?}

I went to examine the large beast of a grill with Madelyn while my Mom stayed inside and played with Lila and Ezra.  Oh.  Bigger than Superman's, but I've got this.  Doesn't have a little ignite button thing like Superman's.  That's ok.  Gas on.  Turn those little knobs.  Match. I need a match.  Match match match.  Got it.  Ok match struck.  on.  Open grill and....

Can you see where this is going?


The lawnmower drowned my scream.  The smell of burnt hair filled the air.  My burnt hair.  My arm seared with pain.  A startled Madelyn looked up with alarm from the other end of the patio {thank heaven she was on the other end of the patio. Can you imagine? Yikes. Don't even wanna think about that.}  I smiled my "Mom's pretty funny isn't she?" smile to keep her calm.  Superman turned the corner.  I gave him a nonchalant wave that said, "Everything's fine, honey.  I'm just your rockstar wife grilling your steak to perfection."  {your steak and my arm, that is. I was totally pulling a Micheal Scott here.}

Ow ow ow ow.  Water.  I need running water.

"Beth can you get the high chair out," calls Mothermine.

"You bet." I say, nonchalantly. Get high chair.  Get water.

Cold water never felt so good.
And by the way, the steak was delicious.


Decorating with Superman

I am decoratively challenged.  I don't like to be all down on myself but seriously, there it is.  I mean, I see things that I like but once I try to put it all together I wind up with a case of poor-decor-itis , I throw a tantrum and my walls stay bare.  

A huge reason for this is that my favorite color changes with the season, styles change and I'm left with a full Pinterest board of potential ideas and I wonder what to spend money on and in the end, I'd rather spend that money on diapers for the kids and ice cream for my belly.  

When I was younger, you liked a color and you picked it out to decorate your room, and that was it.  That was your color.  So from age 9 to 18, my room was purple.  Lavender to be precise and everything that I purchased for the room, every gift I received for nine years was some shade of purple.  And I loved it.  {For one of my sisters that decor choice was sunflowers, for my other sister it was peach....actually I'm not sure if she got to pick that color, because she was the poor guinea pig oldest child, but you get what I mean, don't you?}  

So when I got married, I thought you picked a color and went with it.  And I picked green.  My wedding color was green, our bed spread was green and everything that I brought to my marriage was green.

This is where Superman comes in.  His favorite color happens to be red.  

I know.  My green meets his red.  

Merry Christmas. 

He wanted a red accent wall, I wanted a peaceful green motif.  Just wasn't jivin' you know?  So we've just made it work, going off what both of our parents did, decorating with what we had, and feeling happy because who even cares?

But no more I tell you.  We recently purchased a new house and I'll be darned if we don't start meshing our styles to make our home a peaceful place.  

Now don't get me wrong.  I'm not shallow {I hope!}.  I don't think that a house has to be perfectly coordinated to be welcoming, I just want to find a style that suits my family and is inviting to anyone who comes in.  I want people to feel comfortable and I especially want my kids to feel safe and happy here.  I realize that I could just purchase things that I like, but I really want Superman to have a say, since, ya know, it's his house too.  :)  

{Also don't be offended if you currently have a purple room or red accent walls.  We all have different opinions and just because I don't like something as much as you do doesn't mean it's not lovely.  What do I know anyway?  I'm decoratively challenged, remember?}

SO I decided to start planning things out and budgeting a bit so that we can make our house into a "super" home.  I also hope that this will be a way to get Superman on board with things.  He's all business minded so if I present things in a well thought out presentation, he's usually extra sweet and receptive.  {sneaky, sneaky}

Here's our house as it was right when we moved in {a little "before" action for you}.  Obviously, this is much cleaner than it is at the moment and we don't sleep on the floor.
And closet?  What in the world?
 Living Room and child.
 Laundry Room
 Master bedroom
We also have a basement underway, so we've got lots to keep us busy and to plan for.  For now, I'll just share my plans, but hopefully, we'll make those plans a reality at some point!  Out with the green and red and in with the....new, I guess.


Skipper Top Pattern Testing

Have you ever met your hero?  Or someone famous?  Or someone you admire?  I have.  A few times.  And I botched three of those meetings with a capital B.  You get to hear about one of those today.

Go back in time with me.  The year is 2011.  Sit with me, if you will, in a church pew.  I was visiting my brother and his family {sans Superman because he was travelling--on business--of course} and there we were, singing our little hearts out to a hymn.  I glance over, across the congregation.

I do a double take.  Waitaminute.  Is that Abby from Sew Much Ado?  Ahh!  It totally is.

Now hear me out.  Abby's was the very first ever online sewing tutorial I ever used.  She virtually taught me how to make ruffles, people!  I do believe I can even produce a picture of said ruffles that I made from her tutorial.  {Ohhhhh!  It's our old house and a baby Lou!}
So naturally I was like, "What?! I'm in the presence of blogging history!"  Now the big question.  Do I go and say hi?  Normally in this kind of situation, I'd turn to Superman and ask him and he would calm me down and say in his n.b.d. way, "Sure go say hi. She's probably really nice."  But Superman wasn't there.  So I turned to mi Padre instead and said, "Dad.  A famous blogger is here.  I've used her tutorials and I think she's really cool, but I feel too silly to say hi.  She'll probably think I'm a weirdo stalker."  And well, as I recall, dear old Dad didn't say much.  So I was still sitting there in a tremor.

Eventually, after the meeting and after I mentioned my predicament to my brother who said that Abby was a very nice person, I gained the courage to go up to her.  And say hi.

Which I did.  "Hi, this is probably going to sound super weird, but do you have a blog called Sew Much Ado?"

She graciously replied that she did.

I proceeded to bumble out something like, "I love your blog and I'm a really big fan."

And guess what?  She told me that my Dad had come over and told her because he thought I was too scared to say anything!

What the heck?  My Dad stole my thunder?  Suddenly I felt like a 15-year-old again and not a rockin' married mother of two.

But regardless.  Abby was beyond kind and she totally chatted it up with me as if I was a normal human being.  Just what you'd expect from her {because she comes from a caliber of awesomeness that I'll never know.}

Now we come to the point. I recently swallowed my embarrassment of being "that weirdo with a Dad" and applied to be a tester of Abby's new Skipper Top Pattern.  And she said I could.  I know, right?  Me.  I told you she was nice.
I'm being 100% honest when I say that this pattern was so much fun to sew.  So many options to make different shirts, great tips about sewing with knit, and it all comes together easily.
{Check out this suweet double chin.}
The dolman style of the shirt makes it so that sleeve deficients like myself are actually able to sew a shirt.  Remember this maxi dress where I traced the sleeves so I wouldn't have to add any?  Same concept only you have a pattern for guaranteed fit.
I might have gone a little crazy and sewed a million of these.  Or seven to be exact.  :)  Overkill, I know.  I do that with patterns.  If I like it, I sew it to death.  But I'm trying to prove a point.  These are easy to sew and would make perfect back to school shirts.  And like I said, the style options are endless.  If you get the pattern, you'll totally be getting a lot of bang for your buck.

I made a few for Madelyn.
And of course one for Lila.  {I made this one with a a gorgeous wrinkle effect.  It's way easy.  You wash and dry the shirt and leave it in a laundry basket for a night.  Super cool, right?  Ok.  Not so cool.  But I was in a hurry to take a quick picture and I wasn't in the mood for ironing.  Stop your judging ways.}
And a couple more for some nieces who were coming into town.  {again, a nice, wrinkly line down the middle.  I have a wrinkling gift.}
Having tested the pattern, I know that Abby has been scrupulous in making sure that everything fits perfectly.  Seriously, she's worked hard here, folks, and the end result totally shows it!

It's a serious fun pattern and I was really so excited to test it.  Plus it shows how nice Abby is, she even gives weird people a chance.  :)

You can grab a pattern here {and seriously, at that price?  Ah!  Such a good deal!  I totally wanna get the adult version of this now too!}

And here's the thing.  Reading over this, I decided I sound way too "sales-man-y."  Which I hate.  I'm sorry about that.  But the pattern really is awesome.  I mean it!

And that's all!  Have a great day!


Maximally Easy Maxi Dress {Tutorial}

I know.  As if the world needed one more maxi dress.  But stick around.  I think you'll like this one. {?}  I'm a huge maxi dress fan and I thought I'd try to convert Lila to them.  I don't see a huge amount of maxi dresses for girls her age, so I created one.  And it's worth a go because it really is easy!
I started by putting together a pair of pants and a shirt that both fit Lila well.  I could have measured her, but she was playing all the way downstairs.  That's just so far!  So I just used this to gauge the length and size.  Trace and cut on the fold.  
Now I wanted the dress to have sleeves, but I didn't want to bother with attaching sleeves {because I've been having horrible luck with that lately} so I just extended the shoulders into little faux "capped" sleeves.
 Cut a front {with a lower neckline} and a back {higher neckline}.
Unfold and put right sides together.  
Sew both shoulder/sleeves together.
 To complete the neckline, fold and press about 1/2 inch toward the wrong side and pin.
Stitch around the entire neck.  {I used a twin needle}
 Now do the same for both the sleeves.
 Now hem the bottom using the same method.  {only this time, press closer to 1 inch toward the wrong side}
 At this point, you can leave the waist like this:
But in an effort to give the dress more shape, I shirred the waistline three times around with elastic thread.
And that's it!
 Too many pictures, I know.
But she's so cute I just can't help myself.  :)
 I think this dress would be cute with a levi jacket, but they're too expensive right now, so I'm waiting until a sale....just in case you wanted to know how much I hate paying full price for things.

A bug flew by and totally weirded Lila out.  This girl.  :)
Have a happy day!
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