Decorating with Superman

I am decoratively challenged.  I don't like to be all down on myself but seriously, there it is.  I mean, I see things that I like but once I try to put it all together I wind up with a case of poor-decor-itis , I throw a tantrum and my walls stay bare.  

A huge reason for this is that my favorite color changes with the season, styles change and I'm left with a full Pinterest board of potential ideas and I wonder what to spend money on and in the end, I'd rather spend that money on diapers for the kids and ice cream for my belly.  

When I was younger, you liked a color and you picked it out to decorate your room, and that was it.  That was your color.  So from age 9 to 18, my room was purple.  Lavender to be precise and everything that I purchased for the room, every gift I received for nine years was some shade of purple.  And I loved it.  {For one of my sisters that decor choice was sunflowers, for my other sister it was peach....actually I'm not sure if she got to pick that color, because she was the poor guinea pig oldest child, but you get what I mean, don't you?}  

So when I got married, I thought you picked a color and went with it.  And I picked green.  My wedding color was green, our bed spread was green and everything that I brought to my marriage was green.

This is where Superman comes in.  His favorite color happens to be red.  

I know.  My green meets his red.  

Merry Christmas. 

He wanted a red accent wall, I wanted a peaceful green motif.  Just wasn't jivin' you know?  So we've just made it work, going off what both of our parents did, decorating with what we had, and feeling happy because who even cares?

But no more I tell you.  We recently purchased a new house and I'll be darned if we don't start meshing our styles to make our home a peaceful place.  

Now don't get me wrong.  I'm not shallow {I hope!}.  I don't think that a house has to be perfectly coordinated to be welcoming, I just want to find a style that suits my family and is inviting to anyone who comes in.  I want people to feel comfortable and I especially want my kids to feel safe and happy here.  I realize that I could just purchase things that I like, but I really want Superman to have a say, since, ya know, it's his house too.  :)  

{Also don't be offended if you currently have a purple room or red accent walls.  We all have different opinions and just because I don't like something as much as you do doesn't mean it's not lovely.  What do I know anyway?  I'm decoratively challenged, remember?}

SO I decided to start planning things out and budgeting a bit so that we can make our house into a "super" home.  I also hope that this will be a way to get Superman on board with things.  He's all business minded so if I present things in a well thought out presentation, he's usually extra sweet and receptive.  {sneaky, sneaky}

Here's our house as it was right when we moved in {a little "before" action for you}.  Obviously, this is much cleaner than it is at the moment and we don't sleep on the floor.
And closet?  What in the world?
 Living Room and child.
 Laundry Room
 Master bedroom
We also have a basement underway, so we've got lots to keep us busy and to plan for.  For now, I'll just share my plans, but hopefully, we'll make those plans a reality at some point!  Out with the green and red and in with the....new, I guess.

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