Maximally Easy Maxi Dress {Tutorial}

I know.  As if the world needed one more maxi dress.  But stick around.  I think you'll like this one. {?}  I'm a huge maxi dress fan and I thought I'd try to convert Lila to them.  I don't see a huge amount of maxi dresses for girls her age, so I created one.  And it's worth a go because it really is easy!
I started by putting together a pair of pants and a shirt that both fit Lila well.  I could have measured her, but she was playing all the way downstairs.  That's just so far!  So I just used this to gauge the length and size.  Trace and cut on the fold.  
Now I wanted the dress to have sleeves, but I didn't want to bother with attaching sleeves {because I've been having horrible luck with that lately} so I just extended the shoulders into little faux "capped" sleeves.
 Cut a front {with a lower neckline} and a back {higher neckline}.
Unfold and put right sides together.  
Sew both shoulder/sleeves together.
 To complete the neckline, fold and press about 1/2 inch toward the wrong side and pin.
Stitch around the entire neck.  {I used a twin needle}
 Now do the same for both the sleeves.
 Now hem the bottom using the same method.  {only this time, press closer to 1 inch toward the wrong side}
 At this point, you can leave the waist like this:
But in an effort to give the dress more shape, I shirred the waistline three times around with elastic thread.
And that's it!
 Too many pictures, I know.
But she's so cute I just can't help myself.  :)
 I think this dress would be cute with a levi jacket, but they're too expensive right now, so I'm waiting until a sale....just in case you wanted to know how much I hate paying full price for things.

A bug flew by and totally weirded Lila out.  This girl.  :)
Have a happy day!


  1. Love this cute maxi! My oldest wants some maxi dresses, but I cant seem to sew a sleeve to save my life, so I think I will try making them this way. She will be ecstatic when she gets home from school today!!

  2. Awesome! Sleeves can be so darn temperamental! :) Hope this helps and good luck!

  3. I love doing sleeves this way, too. It's just so much faster and easier. Looks like Lilia likes her maxi dress! My recently-turned-four year old loves dresses, especially ones that "go down to the ground." She would love a dress like this.
    —Jill, from Jill Made It

  4. I'm going to try to make some maxi skirts for my granddaughters. You make it look so very easy!

  5. love this dress! what type of fabric is this?


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