Me vs. Serger

Superman bought me a serger for my birthday.

To say I was surprised is an understatement.  Because sergers and I don't have a good history.  I've broken my mothermine's serger more times than I care to admit.  It's a good machine, but I just kept forgetting to do certain things and I went on a streak for a while where I broke it every single time I used it.  So I swore off sergers.  Who needs 'em?

So imagine my surprise when I saw this:
The exact same serger as my moms.  No way.  It's a bit older and Superman {and my mom} conspired against my anti-serger-ness and got a steal of a deal on this one.  And this time I am determined to understand it.  Determined I tell you.  So I watched the instructional video about 45 times so that I could know the ins an outs of the little beast.

The how-to video was riveting.  The narrators lovely British accent kept lulling me to sleep.
I know I sound silly and dramatic, but I am so excited about this and I don't want to mess it up!  So wish me luck.

It's me against the serger.  I'll let you know if I survive.  :)


  1. Well then, it looks like it's official – you are Profesh!You know only real actual seamstresses use sergers....I am sure we're going to see some amazing creations now, what with the amazing talent you already have, plus this new gadget! Happy serging!

  2. SuperMan is Awesome and sooo Smart. You will love it. Just dont be afraid. Thanks for Sharing Love A. Judy


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