Otter Pop Holders {Tutorial}

See, I told you it would be easy.
Now I think these were all the craze a few years back.  But remember how I'm way behind the bandwagon?  Ya well.

Most of the covers I've seen are sewn with fleece, but I wanted to make some the are made out of towel {or terrycloth} so it would soak up melting ice {ice baby...just coudn't help myself.}

I used this to practice on my serger, but you're welcome to use a sewing machine.  Just finish your edges with a zig zag.

Materials Needed:
  • Serger/Sewing Machine with coordinating thread
  • Terry Clothe {less than 1/4 yard, leftover towel fabric will do the trick}
  • An Otter Pop {of course, you silly goose!}
Cut a rectangle {about 3x6 or 2x5 depending on your preference}
Serge or zig zag the tops of both rectangles.
Place right sides together.
Sew or serge down the side, continue down the bottom, and back up the other side.
Turn it around and push the corners out,  And you're all done!
Now quick.  Go make some before summer ends!

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