Skipper Top Pattern Testing

Have you ever met your hero?  Or someone famous?  Or someone you admire?  I have.  A few times.  And I botched three of those meetings with a capital B.  You get to hear about one of those today.

Go back in time with me.  The year is 2011.  Sit with me, if you will, in a church pew.  I was visiting my brother and his family {sans Superman because he was travelling--on business--of course} and there we were, singing our little hearts out to a hymn.  I glance over, across the congregation.

I do a double take.  Waitaminute.  Is that Abby from Sew Much Ado?  Ahh!  It totally is.

Now hear me out.  Abby's was the very first ever online sewing tutorial I ever used.  She virtually taught me how to make ruffles, people!  I do believe I can even produce a picture of said ruffles that I made from her tutorial.  {Ohhhhh!  It's our old house and a baby Lou!}
So naturally I was like, "What?! I'm in the presence of blogging history!"  Now the big question.  Do I go and say hi?  Normally in this kind of situation, I'd turn to Superman and ask him and he would calm me down and say in his n.b.d. way, "Sure go say hi. She's probably really nice."  But Superman wasn't there.  So I turned to mi Padre instead and said, "Dad.  A famous blogger is here.  I've used her tutorials and I think she's really cool, but I feel too silly to say hi.  She'll probably think I'm a weirdo stalker."  And well, as I recall, dear old Dad didn't say much.  So I was still sitting there in a tremor.

Eventually, after the meeting and after I mentioned my predicament to my brother who said that Abby was a very nice person, I gained the courage to go up to her.  And say hi.

Which I did.  "Hi, this is probably going to sound super weird, but do you have a blog called Sew Much Ado?"

She graciously replied that she did.

I proceeded to bumble out something like, "I love your blog and I'm a really big fan."

And guess what?  She told me that my Dad had come over and told her because he thought I was too scared to say anything!

What the heck?  My Dad stole my thunder?  Suddenly I felt like a 15-year-old again and not a rockin' married mother of two.

But regardless.  Abby was beyond kind and she totally chatted it up with me as if I was a normal human being.  Just what you'd expect from her {because she comes from a caliber of awesomeness that I'll never know.}

Now we come to the point. I recently swallowed my embarrassment of being "that weirdo with a Dad" and applied to be a tester of Abby's new Skipper Top Pattern.  And she said I could.  I know, right?  Me.  I told you she was nice.
I'm being 100% honest when I say that this pattern was so much fun to sew.  So many options to make different shirts, great tips about sewing with knit, and it all comes together easily.
{Check out this suweet double chin.}
The dolman style of the shirt makes it so that sleeve deficients like myself are actually able to sew a shirt.  Remember this maxi dress where I traced the sleeves so I wouldn't have to add any?  Same concept only you have a pattern for guaranteed fit.
I might have gone a little crazy and sewed a million of these.  Or seven to be exact.  :)  Overkill, I know.  I do that with patterns.  If I like it, I sew it to death.  But I'm trying to prove a point.  These are easy to sew and would make perfect back to school shirts.  And like I said, the style options are endless.  If you get the pattern, you'll totally be getting a lot of bang for your buck.

I made a few for Madelyn.
And of course one for Lila.  {I made this one with a a gorgeous wrinkle effect.  It's way easy.  You wash and dry the shirt and leave it in a laundry basket for a night.  Super cool, right?  Ok.  Not so cool.  But I was in a hurry to take a quick picture and I wasn't in the mood for ironing.  Stop your judging ways.}
And a couple more for some nieces who were coming into town.  {again, a nice, wrinkly line down the middle.  I have a wrinkling gift.}
Having tested the pattern, I know that Abby has been scrupulous in making sure that everything fits perfectly.  Seriously, she's worked hard here, folks, and the end result totally shows it!

It's a serious fun pattern and I was really so excited to test it.  Plus it shows how nice Abby is, she even gives weird people a chance.  :)

You can grab a pattern here {and seriously, at that price?  Ah!  Such a good deal!  I totally wanna get the adult version of this now too!}

And here's the thing.  Reading over this, I decided I sound way too "sales-man-y."  Which I hate.  I'm sorry about that.  But the pattern really is awesome.  I mean it!

And that's all!  Have a great day!


  1. My girls won't take the shirts you made them off. What a great pattern! They love them. You are the best!

  2. My girls won't take the shirts you made them off. What a great pattern! They love them. You are the best!


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