Summer Fun Update

Oh hi.  It's August.  August?  Time flies.  That's what I remember old people saying when I was little.  I guess it's time to face that I'm getting old.

I thought I'd give a little update on how our summer fun goals are going.  We've gotten half way through our little list.  I'll be darned if it's not a little tough carting three little tikes around when one two of those said "tikes" seem to be in constant need of naps.

But crazy schedules or not, we're having fun.

First up, splash park.  Lila and Ezra spent the majority of their time here worried about getting wet.  But in the end, they actually consented to touching the water.
 Lila's feigned bravery was hilarious.  She covered her eyes and felt her way up the steps the entire way.
And Madelyn was tickled to watch from the side lines.
Our local ferris wheel was closed, so we let the kids have their pick of the merry-go-round or the train. We went on my birthday in the heat of the day, so the kids had both the rides to themselves.  {It does look a bit lonely/creepy though}
We fed the ducks which is always simple and fun.
And the kids enjoyed eating the bread as much as the ducks did.  :)  {Oh the novelty of white bread when you only get whole wheat bread}
The water chalk was an easy activity that kept the kids busy for well over an hour.
 When I checked on the kids, I found out why.  Ezra was busy painting this wooden planter box.  Such a busy boy. :)
 And last weekend, we went to a local garden.  It's absolutely gorgeous this time of year and the kids loved it.  {Especially Lila}
 Superman got to come with us on this one so I got a token picture showing that I was there.  {With an oddly smug face?  What's up with that?}
 Summer has kind of turned my kids into zombies because they've been skipping naps and we've had family in town, but they've been little troopers nonetheless.
So how's your summer going?  Hope you're squeezing in lots of fun!


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