"Super" Home Plans: Living Room

I made the mistake of showing Superman these home plans yesterday.  And he had the audacity not to make a huge fuss over my rockin' plan!  I could tell he just wasn't digging it.  How rude!  As I watched him zoom in on the pillows, I could just read his thoughts.

Too many pillows.  Superman doesn't love excess pillows.  I'm sure he's not the only man to feel that way.

But I'm going to share them anyway, in hopes that Superman will have a change of heart.  And none of this is concrete anyway, so oh well.

So in case you missed it, here's the living room+one child:
And here are the plans:  {I don't really have any "must-haves" on here.  Just general ideas, or items along the same lines.}

1.  I'm diggin' gray walls.  I realize I'm way behind on the trend.  I've liked gray walls for years and never took the opportunity to paint.  {Because our walls in our last house were fairly freshly painted.} Anyway, I like Benjamin Moore Gray Owl {or Harbor Gray, or Revere Pewter}  We'll have to test a few out at some point.
2.  Ikea curtains.  I purchased them a long time ago, and ideally, they'd be stenciled with a fun print along these lines.  But we'll see about that.
3.  A Barnwood Shelf with corbels.  I might have to compromise on the barnwood since Superman loves a good stained wood.  {The original idea came from here at I am Momma Hear Me Roar.}
4.  An end table.  I think Superman could totally rock building one of these.  And of course on top I'd have to have a little vignette of sorts.  {Just to make life harder by tempting my kids with "breakable" items that they're not allowed to touch.  Perfect.}  
5.  Gray Leather Couch.  Not necessarily the one in the picture.  I love leather {so easy to keep clean!  Small kids remember?}  We have a black one now and I think gray would brighten things a bit.
6.  Pillows {"Stupid, unnecessary pillows", Superman is thinking as he reads this.}
7. Some little Pouf auto-mans.  {I would love to have these to hide toys inside.  Wouldn't that be nice?  And as long as I'm dreaming, I'd also like a free milkshake.}
8. This rug is the only item on here that I'd specifically like.  Or something like it.  I don't think I can convince Superman to get in in size HUGE for the whole living room since we have carpet, but I'd at least like it in a small size for our back door.

So those are the living room plans for now.  You're welcome to make a big deal and say you LOVE them since Superman didn't.  Unless you hate the plans.  And if that's the case, be kind to me and ignore them.  That's fine too.

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