The Wednesday Whatevs: 10 random things

It's 3am.  Ezra and Madelyn decided to tag team it tonight and throw separate parties both of which I alone was invited to.  How thoughtful.  Now I can't sleep.  And whenever I can't sleep, I I write in my head.  So I thought I'd at least write the nonsense down.  Maybe it'll help put my mind to sleep.

#1  I just wanna know, do fashion bloggers ever have a flop day?  I mean, do they ever just look awful. Could we ever catch them wearing old sweatpants from walmart with an old over-sized t-shirt from high school and 4 day old hair in a greasy pony tail?  I'd kinda like to see that.  Oh wait  All I have to do is look in the mirror.  That's exactly how I looked today.  Maybe I just wanted to see if I'm not the only one.  :)

#2  I'm loving the blog Lexi Made right now.  Such pretty photography and adorable sewing all from one lovely person.  It hardly seems fair that Lexi is so extra gorgeous and has all these mad skills. :)  What's up with that?

#3  Do you ever know someone who is just so good that you want to be like them?  I mean they're not self-righteous or goody-two-shoes about it.  They're just so good because that's who they are.  And just being around them motivates you to be better.  I have a friend {well, almost a friend.  I don't know if I'm cool enough to be her actual friend} like that.  Whenever I talk to her, I just want to be awesome like her.  I imagine that's how you'd feel if you got to hang out with Disney from Ruffles & Stuff or Christie from A Lemon Squeezy Home.  Just pure goodness, you know?

#4  Superman's travel season is coming up.  It's the pits when he's not around.  He's a bit stressed, poor guy.  I'm so thankful for him and how hard he works.  He's such a rockstar!

#5  A good thing about travel season is that sometimes the kids and I get to tag along.  We're going to visit my sister soon!  I can't wait!!

#6  My little Lila Lou is turning four soon.  What?!  She's so excited.  When did my baby girl get so big?
#7  I want to be more clean and organized.  I also want to take care of my blasted body.  I think sleep would help both of those desires.  But I can't sleep.  Catch 22.

#8  I got duped into buying a 4 night 5 day cruise to the Bahamas last week.  One of those, take this survey and you'll win a free cruise type things.  It was not free.  I made Superman call back and cancel.  That happened on the same day I grilled my arm.  Not a good day.
#9  Speaking of cruises, I don't usually get duped into "free" stuff like that, but Superman and I celebrated 5 years of domestic blissity this year.  We'd like to have a little mini getaway but we haven't the slightest idea of where to go.  {And nothing is free, darn it!}  We're really just looking for something fairly inexpensive and fast, so we're on the hunt.  We haven't been without a child for four years....crazy.

#10  And lastly.  I need a haircut.  Ya, because of that grilling incident.  I usually go with a medium length and a taper, but by cracky, I wanna try something different.  Not too different.  I could never do a pixie cut.  My elf ears would start a rebellion.  Just something a little different than my long mop:
*I'm sorry, I know I'm breaking the law because mom's aren't allowed to take selfies, because it just seems so.....selfish {and egotistical} but I'm just tryin' to capture my shaggy mane.  Anyway, my hair grows like a weed and Madelyn's always ripping it out, so I don't really know what I'm waiting for.  Better start pinning ideas.

And I think I'm done.  If you made it through that randomness, thank you.  I think I'll go give sleep another chance.

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  1. Beth, I am rocking the 4 day old pony tail today, too. Except its falling out because my layers are too short to stay up. Don't get too short of layers if you still want a pony tail. Its the worst. I didn't ask for it, but it happened. I really crossing my fingers that you aren't traveling with Superman October 1-11 because I am probably going to bring Stella for a visit (I hope it works out)! :) Anyway, loving the blog!


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