A bit of this and that from the red rock land.

So the fam and I just got back from a two week stint in old sainty-Saint George.  Superman was down there for work, so the kids and I tagged along.  Which means that the kids and I had a blast hanging out with my sister and her fam while poor Superman had to mostly...well, work.  
 But the good news is:

1.  Superman just got a new job that requires no travel.  Hallelujah.  We feel so blessed.  Some people might think that traveling for work sounds glamorous.  It definitely has its perks at times, but for our growing family, we need to be home--so this change is a huge tender mercy. 

{Watching the rain in St. George.  It rained almost the entire time we were there, so I didn't get the tan I was expecting.  Darn.  :)}
2.  Nothing motivates me to clean my house more than being away from my house does.  Isn't that a funny thing?  We'll see if my "urge to clean" lasts longer than a day.  Here's to hoping.

{One of my cute little nieces.}
3.  I've been away from my creation station {ummmm....that's kind of just one side of my kitchen table} for a few weeks, so I am itching to get going on a thousand projects.  I've been sketching and making plans.  Of course, I want to sew them all this week and clean my house and make amazing meals and be the world's best mother and be a rockstar wife and make some delish brownies from a recipe my sister shared with me.  Not sure which one of those will win.  I'm betting on the brownies. 

{Me and my sis.....I think she's pretty darn awesome and apparently I was really excited to be in this picture.  What in the world am I beaming about, I wonder??}
So I've got lots to keep me going for a while.  This was a good break for me.  I had lots of time to think and re-evaluate some of my priorities.  And I'm excited!  So that's that and now I'm done. 

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