Easy Tangled/Rapunzel Party

Remember how Lila had a birthday?  Well, she got to celebrate by having a small party.  And when I say small, I mean small. Like just a few friends.  And please understand that when I say easy, I'm really saying cheap, but labeling something as cheap sounds so....well, cheap.
Here's the thing.  In my dream world, Lila's Tangled Party would have looked something like this:
Lovely right?  And I would have let Lila invite 25 perfect children and we would have had a delightful time eating our fluffy frosted cupcakes without a care in the world.  Oh, and Superman would totally be on board with spending hoards of money on the decorations and party favors.  Because that's so practical

But in reality,  we didn't want to spend much.  And the night before the party, I was working with my design team which consisted of Superman watching Captain America on the couch and my I-refuse-to-go-to-bed-two-year-old assistant, Ezra {who was really only in it for the cupcakes}.  Truly, I feel almost silly posting about this because my pictures aren't fancy and it wasn't Pinterest perfect, but I think that's ok.

I really don't mind throwing my kids a party.  But I do not want to stress about it.  We sort of just play things by ear and we don't have any set rules.  We try to do things inexpensively and it works for us for now.  I share this with you not to tell you to go and buy the exact same things that we did, but I'm hoping that it will serve as inspiration that you don't have to break the bank to have a little party fun.  Use what you have on hand and be creative, you know?  {Listen to me, dishing party advice.  Ridiculous.}  Your child is not going to remember if all of the decorations match.  And if all the food is set out and labelled.  They will remember if you were a monster 5 minutes before the party, screaming at them to "not touch my color coordinated balloon wall!"  :)

I stressed about having things being perfect for a bit and then I just had to remind myself, "Lila is four and she does not care."

So I made a few little things out of stuff I already had.

I designed these:
and had them all ready but, guess what?  I ended up not getting some of them delivered in time...whoops.  So I mostly just texted people.  And it worked just fine.  You're welcome to be more awesome than me and use them if you'd like:
White table clothe
Banner: Made out of scrapbook paper that I already had
Purple and yellow dots that I cut out with a circle punch out of the scrapbook paper that I had.
Some yellow streamers and purple balloons.  I never actually got an official picture, so here's the aftermath.
Activities & Games:
I tried to do these games an activities with as little "prep" time as possible.  This is a long list, but most of these games went quickly {we're talkin' four year olds here!}, so I had to have a lot.  I've seen so many cute games, but a lot of them require preparation and I didn't wanna stress.  I ended up making most of these things up as we played them....{insert sheepish grin}.
  • Coloring:  As each girl arrived, I let them color in little books that I made.  I printed off little free Rapunzel coloring pages, put four to a page and stapled them together with scrapbook paper. 
  • Dancing to Rapunzel music with Rapunzel "hair" streamers.  Basically just streamers attached to a purple Popsicle stick with scotch tape. These took me about 10 minutes to make and the girls loved dancing with them.
  • We played "Rapunzel Chores" which was basically just charades, where we acted out things like brushing our hair, sweeping, mopping, reading books, etc.
  • Painting nails.  I was mean and only used one color which was a very light "Rapunzelly purple" {because I did not want to be cleaning up spilled hot pink.}
  • Maximus Tag.  This is pretty self explanatory but the person who was "it" was Maximus and got to chase the rest of the girls whom we called Eugenes and Rapunzels.
  • Floating Lanterns:  They just pretended like the balloons were floating lanterns and didn't let them touch the ground.  {the girls actually made this one up.}
  • Duck Duck Goose:  You know the drill.  Only we changed the names to Flynn, Flynn, Eugene
  • Rapunzel Crowns:  I had these sparkly pipe cleaners on hand, so I let the girls pick which color they wanted, and I twisted two together.   Rocket science.
As we made them, I just talked to the girls about the fact that what makes Rapunzel so special is that she's kind to people.  I reminded them that Rapunzel is fun and happy and that we can be princesses by being happy and nice to others and not being selfish like Mother Gothel.   I know this sounds totally silly and cheesy, but the girls were enthralled as I talked about this.  I just wanted them to think outside of themselves for a minute and they really seemed to take things in.  Kind of a sweet little moment.  And it cost basically nothing.  :)

Then I let the girls watch a little of the movie Tangled while I got snacks ready.
Which brings us to......
The party was close to lunch time, but I didn't want to do a full on lunch.  We just did this and I told them they were Rapunzel snacks:
Party Favors:
I found these purple bags at the dollar store.  3 for a buck.  Lila and I used this method to paint on Rapunzel Suns.  The material was a little thin and we melted a couple bags in the process, but with a little practice, we figured it out.  :)
I printed and cut out these paper dolls and put them in the bags along with a crown, streamer, and coloring book.  {I also intended to put starbursts int he bags too, but I'm serious, I couldn't find them anywhere.  I'm still looking, actually, because it was my favorite kind and it would be a shame to let them go to waste.... Superman thinks I lost them on purpose so I wouldn't have to share.  Say what?!}
After that, we had cupcakes and ice cream.  And that was it.  A fun, easy party. Take that Pinterest.


  1. I think it's fabulous!!! Bailey wants a Halloween party and I'm thrilled because how easy is that?! Happy bday to Lila!

  2. Such a cute party!!! I may totally copy you someday when Stella is older because I really loved the coloring book idea and the streamer idea.

  3. You are such a fun momma! Love it! You came up with so many cute ideas! I love the hair streamers! So cute!


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