Just do it {or sew it} right.

Sometimes I feel like such a sewing fake. Anyone with me here?  Like, you know you should pre-wash and iron your fabric, you know you should have measured that waist line, or figured out what the heck "stitch in the ditch" means but darn it, you just wanna get this project {that looked so much better in your head} done so you can move on with life!

I find that I get started with some projects and I just get so frustrated with a broken needle or what-not that I end up trying to fudge my way through.  I finish, snap some pics, and sometimes that dumb old shirt never gets worn again because I didn't take the time to sew it right in the first place.

Tell me I'm not the only one!
Oh good. ;)
This bad habit of mine has made me resolve to do better, so for the last few projects, I've been trying to taking the time to do things right.  To sew carefully, to measure, to iron {that blasted iron} and to make sure that my poor mush-pot-up-at-3am-with-a-sick-baby-brain understands the sewing instructions clearly.  I feel like it's starting to pay off and although I'm not cranking out projects up the wazoo, I have the satisfaction of knowing that things are done right and that the quality will last for more than one week.:)
So I guess you could say that's my signature style right now.  And it's what inspired this look for Lila for Project Run & Plays final challenge.  Doing it right.  The first time, that is.  And using knit.  Because I seriously love sewing with knit.  And this little girl likes wearing knit.  Win win....win.  :)
All of the items that I sewed this time around were from self-drafted patterns based on Lou's measurements.
We'll start at the bottom.  Lace leggings  {fabric from Joanns}
And Lila's favorite gold shoes.  This girl is such a little diva.  :)
The skirt is just a basic circle skirt with a covered waistband.  
Perfect for twirling.
Circle skirt tutorials are everywhere and they're super fun to make.
And my favorite part, a little yellow ruffled jacket {fabric from Joanns}
The fabric for this is just a knit interlock, but it's super soft, which makes it perfect for this chilly fall weather we're having around here.
and it has a hooting surprise inside. {owl fabric from Hobby Lobby}
And now I'm off to go and try to apply my new "take time to do it right" motto elsewhere in my life....I'll start with cooking.  I'm sure Superman will be happy to read that.  He's probably breathing a sigh of relief that he won't come home to anymore burnt meals...at least for a little while.  :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Bethany,
    I can understand your problem, because I have the opposite problem. Most of the time I drive myself crazy by being too exacting. It has to look my best on the inside and outside. I've been trying to let go... and just have more fun sewing while learning some new faster ways to sew. I've been upcycling some clothes lately and that makes me forget the rules and just enjoy the challenge of doing something a new way that just works.
    Taking your time does help to make your finished project last longer in the wash though... I really like your finished project. You can see it in your daughter's eyes in the picture that she likes it too.
    Deborah @ Sew Much to Give

  2. Adorable outfit and LOVE the jacket! Great job drafting it. I am totally guilty of fudging some areas in order to get the outfit done and photgraphed. I have a small pile of clothes that need seams readjusted or zippers resewn that remind me to slow down and create less work for myself later.

  3. Love this outfit Bethany. You are very talented!

  4. I like it!)) so cute

  5. love your color choices here. The black and white with the pop of yellow is perfect.
    and I couldn't agree with you more...so many things I made for my first son went into the goodwill pile when my second son grew into them because they were finished in a hurry.
    Have tried to adopt the same attitude of slow down and do it right. Well put!

  6. I love those polka dots! And the mustard color! Great job!

  7. So cute! I love the pretty jacket!

  8. So cute! I love that bright fabric!

  9. I am SO with you on fudging! And every time I take the time to do it right, I know it's worth it, but I'm so impatient! Even though I've learned that lesson time and again I still am not totally convinced that I shouldn't just slapdash things together to get it done. And ALSO--I love your outfit! That yellow, with those dots, and all of it knit? Perfect! (I also love sewing knits--we've got a lot in common!)

  10. I totally understand and have ended up with things I've never let my children wear again after the pictures also, LOL! Sometimes I think it's a Mom thing because you have to "steal" a minute here and there to sew and that leaves you not much time to "study" the methods or read up on the back story of a lot of techniques, fabric makeups, etc. I get it--1 million percent haha. This outfit is super adorable, I love the color combo! The leggings are super cute, delicate and girly and I love that jacket inside and out. The little ruffle and big buttons on the jacket just make it so unique and stylish, grown up and yet kid-friendly at the same time. Great job!

  11. I love the top, very girlie. Love the colour, combination and the ruffles .

  12. That is just sooo beautiful! Especially the yellow cardi...

  13. Love the pop of color with that cardigan! So fun that you drafted them all yourself! You did an awesome job!!

  14. Thanks to all you kind commenters! You guys are so nice!! :)

  15. What a nice outfit! LOVE the yellow jacket!

  16. Oh, I adore that jacket! Its so perfect with the polka dot skirt!

  17. My favorite part is lila's smile, and that darling owl lining!


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