La Mamba Skirt {Tutorial}

So mambas.  I'm a mamba kinda girl.  Mostly, I'm a chewy candy kind of girl.  Like if you had a handful of mambas and a handful of chocolate and you told me to pick one, I'd inevitably take the mambas.....first.....and when I was finished eating them, I'd be forced to take the chocolate too, just because I wouldn't want it to melt in your hand.

Hey, I'm just trying to be thoughtful and save you the mess, ok?

So naturally, I had to join in the Project Run & Play fun when I saw that one of the challenges was to create something candy inspired.  I mean come on.  

And mamba's popped into my head.  Every time I eat them, I feel like I go back in time and I can just hear my Mom saying, "Those chewy things are going to give you cavities!"  And I revert to my ten-year-old self and say, "I know, but I just can't resist."

But enough of my mom arguing with my ten-year-old self.  Let's get down to business.
Now before you PR&P junkies start sending virtual death glares my way, just know that I realize this doesn't count as an official "entry" because I didn't "sew" everything.  I made the skirts.  Everything else is from Target.  We're like walking advertisements for target.  But I've gotta be practical.  I just couldn't sew every single piece of clothing this time around.  So please ignore me, if you'd like.  :)
Ok, back to the skirts.

These skirts are a blast to make.  They're bouncy flouncy fun fun fun fun fun.  {Whoa, did I just sort of quote Tigger?  Yikes.}
Start by doing that cursed step you always wanna skip: measuring.

Measure the waist.  

Now measure the length from waist to knee or wherever you want the skirt to be when it's done. 

Ok.  Now you gotta cut your pre-washed fabric.  {Because I know you didn't get too excited and start without washing it, right?!  Who does that?....cough cough.}

Cut a 3x{Waist measurment+1 inch} rectangle strip.

Now cut two large-ish rectangles {skirt length minus 5 inches}x{Waist measurment+1 inch} and cut  so that it's angled upward. 

Cut your elastic the waist measurement length.

Divide the length into thirds and add an inch to each measurement.  Now triple the width of the waist and cut three strips.

So you'll have this:
Here comes sewing.  Ready?

Sew the elastic together. {And ignore the crumbs on my floor while you're at it.}
 Now sew the 3x{Waist measurement+1 inch} with r.s.t.
Place elastic inside this piece and set aside {that's gonna be your waist band}
 Ruffle the three pieces that you just cut. {Highest tension longest length}
 Sew the larger strip R.S.T 
 Take one ruffle and sew it r.s.t.
 Place it on the bottom of your main skirt panel and pin around r.s.t.
 Now sew around.
 And turn in right side out.
 Now pin the top and middle layers.
 Overlap each layer slightly.
 Overlap both raw ends as well.
 See how it's all coming together?
 Now sew the middle layer to the skirt.
 And attach the waist band around pinning it r.s.t. to the top ruffle layer.
 And sew all the way around.
Turn it right side out and trim the top middle over-lapping layers to be uneven.{You thought I was just being sloppy didn't you?  I made the strips uneven on purpose, I tell you} 
You might notice that I did an extra layer on Lila's skirt--just to make it more ruffly.  Feel free to do the same.  :)  And now you're done.  No hemming necessary for this is the wonderful world of knit. {BTW, Is used a real thin knit for the rasberry skirt one and a little bit thicker knit for the lemon.  Both worked well.}
It's gonna seem confusing at first, but just read it over and think about it for a minute and it will make sense.  Give it a chance.  Like mambas--a deliciously underrated candy.  You might think they're not gonna be as tastey as I'm saying, but just try one.  Or two.  Or three.  You'll be hooked.
Have a seriously mambalicious day!


  1. I am loving these skirts. Seriously cute! I have been on a simple skirt kick and I found the perfect polkadot sheet at Target (hadn't walked into one in years (not because I hate it just it was always easier to get to Walmart) but the Walmart here is seriously scary) the other day.
    With Love,
    PS. And I am glad that you added them to the link up group. I think that the most important part of participating in PR&P season after season is assessing what you can do and make it work. Do you want to see the weeks that I have "cheated" and not made the whole outfit these are just the ones off the top of my head.

    1. Just checked out those links. Love them! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't sew everything from scratch every single time! :)

  2. Very cute! I've been meaning to make some skirts like this, thanks for the tutorial. And yes, target is amazing and always shocks me that they have exactly what I need always. Especially in the clothing department!

    1. I know! Someone at target can read my mind or something! It's why I have to force myself to limit my visits. :)

  3. super cute! I love the skirts... I linked up a Milky Way inspired outfit for my son... SO much fun! Emily@nap-timecreations

    1. Thanks! And I just saw your milky way outfit. Love it!

  4. LOVE that candy! I haven't seen it in a long time. Those skirts are adorable! Thank you for the tutorial!

    1. Thanks! {and you're welcome, hopefully it makes sense. :)}

  5. SKirts totally count as an "official entry!" I am a big fan of simple (but stylish) as well!!! Love your color choices!


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