A really "tangled" story

When Halloween roles around in blog land it seems like there is an unwritten rule that says:

"Attention--all Halloween Costumes must be completed by the first week of October.  You are allowed to take pictures and write a blog post about said costumes in week 2 of October.  Week 3 is acceptable, but not recommended.  But if you dare to post about your costume{s} in week 4 {or worse, buy a costume from the store....gasp}, you will be expected to post a written apology....and then you will be shunned.  You've been warned." 

So....what's that about?  In the past, I've always been surprised to hear mothers say, "I feel so guilty, I bought costumes from the store!" or read blog posts that state, "I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to finish these costumes in time for a blog post.  _________ got sick.  I'm sorry to be posting them the day after Halloween..." 

But this year, I understand.  I got all wrapped up in the "good mom's make perfect homemade costumes" thing.  Until I had the following conversation with Superman

"Look at the fabric for Ezras Eugene vest.  The color isn't even the same as the one in the movie.  But I couldn't find the right color of material.  And the buckles are supposed to be brass, not gold and......"

I turned to see Superman looking at me like I was crazy-town.

And that's all it took and I was like...wow do I hear myself?  Am I really expecting people to open the door when they hear "trick or treat," pull out a picture they just happen to have of Flynn Ryder, and compare it to my two-year-old and say, "sorry kid, no candy.  Your costume just doesn't pass muster."

So ya.  If I was perfect this would have all been done a month ago and I would have gotten beyond adorable pictures with the kids in the grass, in a forest somewhere...but alas, no perfection to be found here.  As soon as I finished up Madelyn's costume yesterday, it snowed and it was freezing again today.  And believe me, thanks to Lila, I've seen Tangled enough times to know that there's no snow in that movie.  

So here we are the day of Halloween, cozy and warm, inside, with our perfectly imperfect costumes.  I think I'll post about them individually over the next couple days and risk a shunning, but for now, here's my little slightly out of focus tangled crew.
And maybe you never heard the real Tangled story?  I'm hear to enlighten.

Once upon a time Rapunzel was like:

And Flynn Ryder was very serious and sad.

Like really sad.

ad while they were doing their thing, Pascal comes in all cute,

and says, "bottoms up!"

So we took a breather while Rapunzel tried to console Flynn.

Then Rapunzel got a few glamour shots since she was the only one who was cooperating with pictures.

Which of course made Pascal jealous.

It was pretty traumatic.

So we gave Flynn a second chance at redemption {with the promise of ice cream.}

And he did the closest thing to a smolder that we'll get.

And then he flopped down and got ready to strike a pose.

But the real fun started when he discovered he could take off his precious satchel.

And kick it.

And then Pascal came back and sprawled out of on the floor.

And then Rapunzel came back and tried to hold hands.

To which Eugene was like, "no way, sista."

And then I got myself some ice cream and may or may not have shared it with my minions.  And then I took a nap.

The end.
All kidding aside, I liked making these costumes and seeing them come together.  We've done mostly store bought in the past, but it just worked out for me to sew them this year and I enjoyed myself.

Have a happy Halloween.  And remember, your kids are still gonna get candy, no matter what they're wearing.  


  1. They are so cute. I didn't have the strength for making or store buying so it was use what we had on hand. I would love if you would add this to the linkup we are having on the blog. Good luck trick or treating.
    With Love,

    1. Thanks! And I say that just using what you have on-hand means that you're clever and you can come up with fun things in the fly. :) Hope you all had a happy Halloween!

  2. Absolutely darling! And hey, you finished your costumes yesterday! I finished mine this morning with 20 minutes to spare. Pictures? Blog post? Hopefully I get something up tomorrow. :)

    1. Hey, who cares when you finish as long as it gets done, right? Hope you had a fun Halloween. :)

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