Easy Halloween "spooky" Shirts

Can you keep a secret?  Of course, you can. 

I don't love Halloween.  I know.  What a stick in the mud.

I'm always a little scared {did you catch the pun? hehe} to admit that.  Mostly because I'm a little terrified that Halloween junkies will attack me with their vampire kitsstarched cheese clothed ghosts, or poison me with imitation witches brew whenever I say,"Halloween isn't my favorite." 

It's not that I hate it.  I just don't love it.  I always enjoyed Halloween and dressing up when I was little.  My parents always had {still do have, actually} a little Halloween party with baked potatoes and chili and homemade root beer.  But I think I lost my taste for All Hallows Eve in high school when it seemed like the only things my friends wanted to do at this time of year were try to scare each other and watch scary movies, {ya.....I'm still scared of The Ring...and we're not talkin' The Lord of the Ring....though that show is scary.....long, I mean, but that's a subject for another day.} 

Anyway, I do not like to get scared.  :)  

But if you're into Halloween, more power to ya.  {Like one of my sisters in the law rocks Halloween.  I mean she rocks it with a capital BOO! and I love looking at all her cute decor and seeing the things she adds each year!  She's extremely clever and deserves some serious snapage for all her Halloween prowess.}   

So don't be hating on me.  If you love it, I get it.  :)  I do love this time of year and pumpkins and all the yummy treats associated with this lovely season of all. 

And I'm also realizing how fun it is to see your kids get excited about dressing up.  Which brings us to the point {you thought we'd never get there, didn't you?}.  Last year, when I was 9 months pregnant with a burst of energy, Lila told me she wanted to be a happy ghost {girl after my own heart.  :)}  I didn't want to have her covered in a sheet and be uncomfy all night, so when I saw this idea here,{no longer being sold} I knew just what to do.  I decided to go all traditional.  Lila a ghost, a little pumpkin and our little new born to be could be a little witch.  So we came up with these:
All you need is:
  • One shirt 
  • some sewable HeatnBond
  • and some coordinating fabric.

Then I just followed the instructions on the back of the HeatnBond package.  You mostly just iron, trace, cut, and sew.  Pretty simple.
I drew an image for the happy ghost and just googled a pumpkin stencil and picked one that I liked for the pumpkin.
I made a little green hat out of fleece to go with Ezras pumpkin shirt
 and a white tutu for Lila's ghost.
I also made a little witches tutu and used this onesie and a little witch hat {it was actually a "dog" hat from Joanns :)} for Madelyn.  I wish I'd gotten better pictures, but c'est la vie, I'd just had a baby.  :)  {broom from Target}
I finished the whole project {shirts, hat, tutu's} in a couple hours.  And interestingly enough, I had little Madelyn the very next day {5 days early.}  Good thing I'd gotten these costumes done in time....or are they what put me into labor?....hmmmm.  Ok, don't let that scare you off, they really are easy.  :)  
Thanks for reading the rambles!  Have a good and unspooky day!  Unless you wanna be spooked.  Then by all means have a spooky day!  :)  


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