Family Picture Time!

Hi!  If you're popping over from the amazing Shaffer Sisters, then welcome, welcome!  Glad to have ya.

So I'll just get this out there first thing.  I love getting family pictures taken.  It's so easy and it's always such a good experience.  We look forward to it every year.  When we do our annual family pics, I usually just have to pick an afternoon, Superman comes home from work, we throw on our coordinating {but not matching} clothes that we have on-hand, and we're good to go.  The kids are always thrilled too.  They smile right when we tell them too, they're pleasant and good-natured about the many different poses we try out.  I love that they understand, even at this young age, how important it is for our family to have this cherished memory together.

Ok.  Have you had enough?  Me too.  The virtual air in here is getting positively stuffy with lies.  So before lightning strikes me down, let's just get something straight.

Our family picture planning  usually starts.....ummmmm six months {or more...how embarrassing!} in advance.  I have to warn Superman.  And somehow he knows it's coming.  I serve him a root beer float with an apologetic look.  And he just knows.

"It's that time of year again, isn't it Beth." 

Yes. The dreaded beast has come.

All right, I'm exaggerating just a touch.  But between the color coordinating.  {Matching, but not too matchy, stylish, but not too trendy, so when we look back we're not mourning the fact that we were wearing those bright orange pants}  And the whole picking a moment in our schedules when our kids aren't going to turn into demons.

Ugh. It gets downright silly, doesn't it?

But it doesn't have to be.  After all, it's about capturing that stage and style of your family.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  :)  In fact, it's better if it's not in my book. 

So when the cute Shaffer Sisters asked me to participate in their Family Photo Stitched with Love series, first, I sort of flipped out with excitement because I love their blog and then I decided to work on conquering my fear of family pictures.  I loved the idea of family pictures being easy, inexpensive and fun.  And what better way to create a fun look by sewing up a few items to pull it all together?
For our little photoshoot, my color inspiration was Superman colors, of course.  Well, at least muted shades of Superman colors.  Red, yellow, and blue. Navy blue, a darker yellow, a little gray here and there with a bright pop of red.   
Instead of going out and purchasing new clothes for us, I looked around for what we had on hand.  And then I narrowed things down to where everyone had one matching piece, then we just threw in a few items I'd sewn up to bring it all together. Apparently I buy and sew clothes in mostly mustard yellow, gray, and navy, so that made things easy.  {My poor children who have to wear such muted tones.  They'll probably mourn over their lost childhood someday. :)}
Here's a breakdown of what I sewed and what things cost:
Lila: Yellow Geranium Tunic that I sewed this summer {$3}, leggings sewn based on Lilas measurements with fabric from some soft navy blue knit that was gifted to me. 
Ezra:  Sweater from Gap purchased on sale this summer {$3.50--I always try to buy sweaters off season, btw} pants I sewed up for in this post using Go-to Patterns Skinny Jeans {$6}
Madelyn:  Polka dot onesie--gift, leggings--gift, and I sewed up a little ruffle cardigan {tutorial coming soon} out of the same navy blue knit that I used on Lila's leggings.
All of the shoes are hand-me-downs, so I basically dressed my kids for $12.50. Call me terribly lame and cheap here, but we're on a budget and I refuse to spend a huge amount on clothes my kids are going to grow out of.  I didn't count Superman and myself in the expenditures because.... ummm I couldn't remember how much we paid for our clothes since we dress in unfashionably old clothing.  :)  But we're happy that way.  
We actually have a professional photographer {who also happens to be my amazingly talented sister-in-law} scheduled to take our pictures soon, but we decided to make this a silly little practice round with just our family.  Hopefully this will get our kids in gear for our real deal photo session.
Hmmmm....we'll see.  :)
Since these were some "just for fun" pictures just for our little family and this blog, I thought I'd switch things up and add balloons in for props.  It was fun, imperfect, and a little crazy.  Just like our family, so it fits.  :)
I also want the record to show that I'm not a professional photographer.  I wouldn't want to be {that is a tough job that requires combat training.  Snaps to you professionals out there.  Seriously.} 
So there ya go.  A not too pricey, easy way to take some family pictures.  These pictures didn't turn out at all how I thought they would, but we ended up having some fun taking them and since getting the kids to look at the camera was not our goal {we'll save that for our real photo shoot :)} we were mostly relaxed and had fun with things.  Until we let go of a balloon.  :)
Thanks to the Shaffer Sisters for having me!  And for reading--have a rockin' day!


  1. What a cute photo shoot! Love the balloons. Great job!

  2. What a great idea to have the balloons. Love the colors matching and t's nice that it's suttle. Awesome job!


  3. How fun! I wish I had more success getting my kids to wear anything but pink or purple - especially my older daughter. It's going to be interesting to see if the outfits I choose are well-received or not!

  4. Such great pictures! And I have to say that I also love muted tones. My daughter is okay with it, so far, and that makes me happy! I love the color combo you used and the dots with stripes is so cute.

  5. Cute pictures! I love the colors too :) I also love that your pictures were very authentic. Pictures should be about capturing the real you, not the posed you, right? Keeping my fingers crossed that mine have that feel too!

  6. Is this a kissing book? The kissing one is my favorite. The balloons ended up in just the right place. I even love Ezra's angry face. :)

  7. Cute! We tried to take family pictures the other day, too. (I'm editing them now; I'm not sure yet if any are wall-worthy.) We even went for red, yellow, and blue for our outfits, too. And black and white. It's hard to have all—or in my case, both—the children in the mood at the same time! I love the balloon idea. That's really adorable.
    —Jill, from Jill Made It


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