Heart & Butterfly Skinny Jeans

It's a well-known fact in our household that Superman never "oooh's and ahhhh's" enough over cute fabric that I find.  It's just how it is.  He's polite, but not ecstatic.

But you can imagine my disappointment when I busted out this heart and butterfly denim fabric at what I thought was the perfect moment after dinner the other day. 

And Superman said, "Wow, ummmm pretty fancy, right?"

Fancy?  Well, yes.  But you could tell in his voice that his heart just wasn't in it. :)  

And I get it, it's just fabric.  And truth be told, I do the same thing when it comes to some things that Superman likes.  I never quite say the right thing when Superman comes home with a new tool.  

"Look Beth, do you wanna look at these new drill bits I got at Home Depot today?"

"Ummmmm....no. I mean yes!  I mean, I will."  Smile.

It's just how it goes around here and we've both come to terms with it {though I have been making more of an effort to really try to like electrical stuff because we're in the process of wiring our basement right now.  :)}

aaaaanyway.  Maybe you've seen this fun denim at Joann{s} in the bottom wights section?  And maybe you'll "oooh" and "ahhhh" with me?  It was on sale a few weeks ago, so I thought I'd get my act together and sew something for KCW: some skinnies for my two little minnies.
I used peek-a-boo patterns Skinny Jeans.  {affiliate link in the sidebar on the right} It's one of my favorite patterns.  And yes, I do talk about it way too much.  You're right.  But I use it quite a bit and it's a good pattern.  Plus it helps me make cute little custom skinny jeans for my minions for less than ten bucks.  Pretty cool, I'd say.
Here's a sad day.  I sewed the wrong size for Lila.  That wasn't the patterns fault.  Lila is pretty petite, but she's hit a growth spurt lately and I accidentally sewed her a 2T when normally she'd totally be a 3T.  Just one of those "I wasn't thinking straight" moments.  I'm sure you've never had one of those.  :)  But she's so little, they still fit her.  Whew!
At first she wasn't too keen on "jeans" since she wears leggings 99% of the time, but after a little while I think she realized the fabric stretched too and she announced her approval.  Long live this little queen.
I also let Lila pick out the material and the buttons {I've been having a case of gold fever, so it must be spreading to her.}  Of course she went with butterflies.  :)
Madelyn looks a little tipsy and battered in this one.  She just got her stitches out yesterday and she's learning to walk.  Need I say more?
I sewed Madelyn a 12 month size and they fit perfectly.  And she's got shorty legs, so she'll have room to grow over the winter.
Seeing her waddle around in these pants is the best.
And that's that.  Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Those are super cute! I've been dying to get my hands on some of that darling fabric. I keep seeing the most adorable skinnies made with it and it's driving me crazy that I don't have a girl.

  2. Thanks! It's probably hard without a girl to dress up--but I've gotta say, boys are pretty darn cute in skinnys too--well, minus the butterflies & hearts. :)

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