Just a few fast headbands

So this week has been cu-raaazy.  {Is it super annoying that I spelled it that way?  My English professor mom would appalled.}  Anyway, we've got an unexpected funeral, family visits, and Madelyn learning to walk like an adorable drunken sailor, to name just a few events going on here.

I had lots of other projects planned for this week, including a few blog changes.  {Over the last month, I've been in the process of doing a bit of a design re-vamp and I even .commed it up last week.  I feel so legit. :)}  But it all takes time and I haven't had a lot of that.   Plus, something about a death in the family makes me forgo sewing/creating and just spend more time with my kids.

SO that's what I've been up to for the last little while.

And that's where these headbands come in.  I've got an adorable squishy niece in town and I thought that she and Madelyn could use some new headbands.  I wanted to sew something fast and thankfully, Christie from a Lemon Squeezy Home had my back.  :)

I just used her tutorial found here for some fast, easy headbands.  I only made some of the bows smaller.   That was an accident because....I'm awesome. I sort of just forgot that Madelyn is almost a year and her head is big.  Whoops. :)  So picture some of the bows bigger, will ya?
They came together in like 10 minutes {which means that anyone else could sew them in five, since I'm the queen of the slow sew}, but it still made for a quick nap time project.
 Madelyn was of course, super wiggly--getting her to model these at all was a miracle.
As soon I was done, she pulled off the headband, threw it on the ground, got up and teetered back inside the house.  What a pickle.
And that's that.  Hope you're having a fab week!


  1. very sweet. nothing like a fast project to cope with stress.

    1. Thanks! It was surprisingly therapeutic. :)

  2. Sorry about the funeral :(. I was worried about the size--I'm not even sure if I talked about that in my post! Somtimes my lack of sleep takes over and I don't remember anything. But they sure turned out cute!

    1. Thanks Christie! By the way, you totally mentioned the size and linked to a good size chart referral in that post, but ya, I just wasn't thinking, because of that darn lack of sleep. :)


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