The Easiest Bow You'll Ever Make

Do you hate it when someone says this is "the easiest_____________ you'll ever make."  {fill in the blank according to your preference ie bread, skirt, soup, whatever.}  And then it turns out to be the opposite of the easiest thing you'll ever make.  Because you try it and it gets super complicated and you feel like what the heck is wrong with me?  They said this was easy!!!!!   

Story of my life.  Which is why I'm clarifying that this is the easiest bow you'll ever make because you're not actually making it. :) Technically, it's already been made.  Basically you are making it wearable.  Nice, right?
If you live near a Dollar Tree, they are selling these little metallic and sparkly gold and silver bows.
I thought they were adorbs {translation: adorable}.  But I went to put one in my hair {because I try to defy my age and still wear bows every once in a while} it was completely useless because it wouldn't stay in, it hurt, and it ripped some of my hair out.  Lame sauce.  So since balding is not on my bucket list, I decided to do something about this little predicament.

The solution is an easy, inexpensive fix.  For the metallic bows, all you've gotta do is pry the bobby pin out of the middle section of the bow.
They were just hot glued in, so it shouldn't be too difficult to get the bobby pin out.

Gently open up the piece that wraps around the bow.  And remove any old hot glue.
Then just get a clip {I like the smaller ones with the pointy edge as opposed to the two pronged edge because I think that they work better}

Hold the bow and the clip open and put a dab of hot glue in the bow.
Continue to hold it open until it dries.  
Add a little more hot glue to put the bow piece on.
And viola!  
A little bow that won't make you bald.  {Don't ask me what I'm looking at all creepy-like here.  Because I'm not sure?}
Now I did something a little different with the sparkly bow.  These were originally attached to a little elastic like so:
They also just opened right up and you can totally attach them to a clip like you did above but I opted to put them on a headband instead.

You know, for that cute little one who  looks like she is suffering from male pattern baldness hasn't gotten all her hair yet.  :)
Just open up the bow where it attaches to the elastic
 place the middle section around the headband.
And add a little dot of hot glue to the top and bottom.  And press it closed.  {This tutorial also shows why I am not a hand model.}
Let it dry and you're set!
Enjoy your new easy bows!  Thanks a million for reading!


  1. Super cute idea!!! I feel like it could even make a little boys bow tie. Would that work? So fun!

    1. Thanks Lyd! I hadn't thought about the boy tie. Hmmm... the bows are on the small side and they are a bit sparkly, but the idea could work for a little guy. :)

  2. Adorable. Your Dad would be proud!


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