Flynn Ryder/Eugene Costume

So per Lila's request, we got our smolder on for this little guy.

Ezra is my little renegade, so it fits that he was Eugene for Halloween, right?  {Not that he has any say in the matter.  Remember who is big sister is?}

Maybe next year, he'll be allowed to choose his own costume.  :)

But this year, it' was all about Eugene.  Or Flynn Rider.

Either way, he's the handsomest guy around....swash-buckling rouge...not bad with the ladies....not that he'd ever brag about it.  :)

We'll start with the pants.  Just some basic pants based on Ezra's measurements and a simple elastic waist band.

{And just ask Superman how he feels about Ezra wearing Lila's boots.  He was not for it.  That's all I'll say.  But it was that or crocs.  Take your pick.}

That vest was my favorite part and it was all thanks to Ashley's tutorial.  It was so nice to have someone else figure the tough stuff out. :)  I bought the gold buttons for the shoulders, but decided they weren't really necessary...and I was trying to save myself some time.  I also decided to go with a blue suede instead of duck clothe or normal cotton, just because it seemed soft and comfy...and it was 50% off so.......

The little satchel was also made out of suede.  I followed the same tutorial that I used for the vest, but I made it a little smaller and I put a gold buckle on it.

Ezra was pretty tickled with it and he was especially happy when he discovered that he could fill it with Halloween candy.

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  1. This is the cutest little boy's costume I have ever seen! I especially love the vest!


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