Flynn Ryder/Eugene Costume

So per Lila's request, we got our smolder on for this little guy.

Ezra is my little renegade, so it fits that he was Eugene for Halloween, right?  {Not that he has any say in the matter.  Remember who is big sister is?}

Maybe next year, he'll be allowed to choose his own costume.  :)

But this year, it' was all about Eugene.  Or Flynn Rider.

Either way, he's the handsomest guy around....swash-buckling rouge...not bad with the ladies....not that he'd ever brag about it.  :)

We'll start with the pants.  Just some basic pants based on Ezra's measurements and a simple elastic waist band.

{And just ask Superman how he feels about Ezra wearing Lila's boots.  He was not for it.  That's all I'll say.  But it was that or crocs.  Take your pick.}

That vest was my favorite part and it was all thanks to Ashley's tutorial.  It was so nice to have someone else figure the tough stuff out. :)  I bought the gold buttons for the shoulders, but decided they weren't really necessary...and I was trying to save myself some time.  I also decided to go with a blue suede instead of duck clothe or normal cotton, just because it seemed soft and comfy...and it was 50% off so.......

The little satchel was also made out of suede.  I followed the same tutorial that I used for the vest, but I made it a little smaller and I put a gold buckle on it.

Ezra was pretty tickled with it and he was especially happy when he discovered that he could fill it with Halloween candy.


  1. This is the cutest little boy's costume I have ever seen! I especially love the vest!

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