Pascal from Tangled

I wasn't sold on Madelyn being Pascal for Halloween because I was sort of worried people would think she was a boy.  But in this chilly climate, something warm beats out something extra cute and feminine any day of the week.  So Pascal it was.  And by the way, I got lots of compliments on my "cute little boy!" :)

I almost didn't post about this one because I didn't actually make the full costume and when you look close, it's a little sloppy looking.  But that's life sometimes.  :)  A few years ago, I bought a frog costume for $5.  It was too small for Madelyn, so I used some green minky material that I had leftover from a blanket to add to the legs,

 cover the belly {which was originally orange},

and make the tail.

And then I hot glued some black felt onto some white felt and then glued it on top of the eyes {they were originally orange and black eyes}

 It still looks a little "frog-ish," to me {probably because of the color of the material or something, I dunno}.  But truth be told, Madelyn's personality really fits Pascal.  She's such a little goof ball, so it worked.

And this girl can be just a touch moody sometimes.  :)
Either way, we love her and she stayed nice and cozy on Halloween.


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