For the last few months, I've been attempting sewing some skirts for myself....as well as practicing up on my serious face.  Yikes people.  
Here's one attempt with knit.  Today I'm showing my non-knit version which frankly, I'm more interested in figuring out.  And obs I've got a looooong way to go.  {And it would have been nice if I hadn't taken these pictures after a long day of wearing the skirt.  tut tut.}  
The last time I made a skirt was when I was 14.  Somehow the interest died in high school.  :)  Something about the whirl-wind of teenager-hood made me suppress any inclination toward sewing anything besides blankets.
But I find myself wanting to sew for myself more and more because darn it, sometimes things from the store just don't fit right!

So I try and fail, or I try and almost get things right.  So far, I haven't come out a champion in this department, but I'd sure like to.  Which is why it's probably important for me to document my lack of success so far.  :)  {Like how the pleats are too big....and the wrinkles. Again.  :)  I'm seriously laughing at them.  My grandma would be so embarrassed for me.}
And don't take this as "I'm fishing for compliments" because I'm not.  I know that I'm not where I need to be when it comes to most of my sewing, but especially when it comes to sewing for me.  Sometimes I just want to blog my creating successes, but the truth is, if I did that I'd probably be posting twice a year... so lucky you, you get to see many o' flop.

And that's ok, because Lila and Ezra are constantly singing Daniel Tiger's, "Try try try try try it again.....keep trying you'll get better!"  Typing that felt reallllly weird.  But when my kids sing it, it's cute, I promise.  :)

You know you're a mom when you're learning lessons from a kid show....dear oh dear.  Anyway, here's to working on getting better.  Have a great day!


  1. Bethany,
    You look beautiful. As frustrating as sewing for yourself can be, please keep doing it so that someday maybe it will wear off on us. I really want to start, but I just don't have enough guts yet.
    With Love,
    Al @ Shaffer Sisters

    1. Oh shucks, thanks Al. :) Something about sewing for "me" feels SO frustrating, but so rewarding. You should totally start asap. Thanks for your comment!

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