Snap Ruffle Pop Cardigan

I made this little cardigan for our family picture post a while back and I'm finally getting around to posting the tutorial.  Plus it's getting cold in these parts.  {Like it's snowing/raining outside my window as I virtually speak}, so this is a great project if your weather is speaking the same language as mine.

{By the way, this really has nothing to do with rice crispies...just in case you were wondering.  :)}

I got the original cardigan {pull-over? jacket?} at Target quite a while ago, and I thought it was adorable. I'm a sucker for ruffles and a squishy baby.  :)

Rather than give you measurements, I'll show you how to use an existing article of clothing so you can make your own.

Front and back pieces

Start fold your fabric {which should be a stretchy knit} so you have two layers

Then turn a long-sleeved shirt that fits your child inside out. Then fold it in half so the tag is on the fold. 

Trace and cut giving a little extra room on top and bottom.  Add an inch to the side and cut.  This will be your back piece.

 Now do the same thing for the front

 Only cut down the center so you'll have two pieces.

Now you should have three pieces total {and some snaps that we'll use later}


Fold your shirt piece so it's laying flat and then cut two arm pieces on the fold.


Now measure the front piece horizontally--starting from the armpit to the front side of the piece. Double the number. {front piece width x2=ruffle width} This will be the width of your ruffles.  To get the length measure starting from the armpit to the bottom of the piece.  Now divide that number by three and add an inch to each third.  {length of piece/3 + 1 inch per rectangle= length of ruffle pieces} You should have 6 pieces total.

Now just to get this part out of the way, ruffle all your rectangles and set them aside..

Connecting shoulder seams

With sight sides together connect the front pieces with the back pieces at the shoulder {like you would do if you were making a shirt} Pin and sew shoulder across.

Now lay out flat and attach the arm pieces still right sides together.  Pin and sew.

Attach ruffles

Pin your first ruffles starting under the armpit and sew across.

Now lift the freshly sewn layer out of the way and pin and sew the next layer roughly an inch under the first layer.

Then follow the same steps to do the last layer.

And now it should look like this.

Assemble the cardigan

Pin and sew down the sides of the arms and the side of the cardigan.  Repeat on the other side.  {Make sure that you tuck the raw edges of your ruffles inside as you sew down the sides so that they'll be sewn into the seam.}

Finish work

Now just finish off any raw edges.  I hemmed the neckline with a double needle.  I opted not to hem the edges of the ruffles, front side and bottom of the cardigan.  Because I was using knit and I didn't have to hem them.  Take that world.

And I finished the sleeves with a double needle as well.  Now just trim any loose threads.

And add a snap.  {I only added one at the top, but your welcome to add them all the way down the front.}

And there you have it.  An easy, fun little piece that can be layered over just about anything.  {PS as if it isn't obvious--Madelyn's teething, so her tongue is sort of like a new member of our household.}

And that's that.  May your chilly day be filled with sleeping children, hot cocoa, and a cozy book.....wait, who am I kidding?  Mine's gonna be filled with a teething baby, errand running, and laundry {hip hip}. Happy sewing!


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