"Super" Home: Laundry Room Plans

You know what's deceptive?  All of those pinterest pictures of laundry room/mudrooms.  You know why?  Because most laundry rooms are tucked in a tiny space....usually in the corner of the house.  When we moved into our home, we felt so lucky to have an actual laundry room.  {Heck, I'm just thankful I don't have to do the laundry in the river, so I'll take what I can get.}

That being said, we want to make it as functional as possible.  And I've gotta do this laundry room planning stuff quick because this is actually happening people!  Like this weekish. :) Early Christmas present!

Superman asked me last year if I wanted him to work on the laundry room and I was all, "Basement first."  And I tried to keep the laundry room clean and organized, I really did.  But it's quickly become the "catch-all" space--a mudroom {it's right next to the garage}/pantry {it's also right next to the kitchen/dump it landfill because "quick, we have company coming!  Stuff everything in the laundry room!"

I'll spare you anymore cluttery details I'll also forgo a "real" before picture right now because I don't want to put any OCD people into cardiac arrest. Suffice it to say something needs to be done.  

Here's a little glimpse into our corner laundry room.

And here's our something.  At least a general something.

1.  Front loaders.  When we started this plan, this was a definite "eventually someday" thing.  But the event of a certain dryer eating Superman's dress shirts {no really--like chewing them up and turning the collars black} happened to correspond with a certain sale at Home Depot and we took the front loader plunge.  And consequently, we probably won't be getting carpet in the basement..... :)

2.  Wall Mount Drying Rack.  I'd like to keep as much off the ground as possible by using wall space.  So this would be ideal.

3.  Command Center.  These things are a representation of some type of command center--chalkboard/magnet board/mail slot etc.  I love the looks of this one, but we'll see what happens.  I'd just like some sense of organization, kapeesh?

4.  Baskets.  At our house, all of our important papers end up on our kitchen counter.  And as fun as it is to have everyone see all our Walmart receipts, it would be nice to have some shelves for baskets that can house our random paper stash.

5.  Hooks.  Since our laundry also works as a mudroom, we're hoping to make a little hanging station, because, ya know, using our chairs as coat racks can only get you so far.  {going for a look like this or this}

6.  Mudroom bench.  Under the hooks, I'm loving the idea of a bench, where we can take off/put on shoes and stash shoes underneath said bench.  This would also significantly decrease accidents due to shoe tripage--a common occurrence in our household. :)  {love the look of this or this}

7.  More baskets. But these will be wire/clear baskets to house laundry-ish things.  We've got a little pantry closet in the laundry room {I told you--this room is a "jack of all trades"} but laundry stuff mixed with food was not going so well.  I mean, the chips were starting to taste like fabric softener.  Downey flavored Dorito's could the new thing, I guess?

8.  And of course, a fresh coat of paint.  We're in the process of picking one right now and I'm pretty sure dolphin fin by behr is winning.  The room doesn't have windows, so I want to make things as light as possible.

I'm definitely feeling like I'm putting out a high maintenance vibe with all of this.  Front loaders, new paint, must have cute baskets, blah blah blah.  These plans are just dreams out loud and I'm trying to make things functional.  No offense intended.  :)

So some Home Depot/Lowes trips will definitely be in order in the next few weeks.  Superman will be in heaven.  Wish us luck!


  1. All great ideas! This would torture my sister-in-law, haha. Her husband is about 5 months away from graduation and she's going crazy dreaming about what she wants in her home when they find a place to settle.

  2. So exciting that your dreams actually get to become a reality! Enjoy it! (I love all your ideas by the way...we pretty much have the same laundry room dream!)


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